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We interviewed Johnny Travis, co-owner at FAZE Apparel, in November 2016 inside his Mission district store at 3236 21st Street. FAZE has been a member of SFMade since 2011 and has hosted Summer interns through our programs. Check out their website here.

What is FAZE Apparel?
FAZE is a San Francisco based men’s brand for the fearless and zealous. Our apparel is geared toward people willing to define their own path and pursue their passions. We are Fearless And Zealous Everyday – that’s where our name comes from. We make tees, hats, beanies, button-up shirts, jackets, coffee mugs and more, and we have been in business for 9 years now.

How did you get started?
Herbert and I did not have any experience in the men’s clothing industry prior to starting FAZE. I studied business management in college and Herbert studied film. We learned the industry and built our brand from the ground up. We started by selling our screen-printed t-shirt designs at local events and venues. Now, we’re fortunate to ship our brand to customers globally, offer nearly a full product line, and operate our own flagship store.

Why manufacture locally?
We like to invest back into our city and manufacturing locally allows us to be more hands-on with the manufacturing process overall.
FAZE is about being fearless and zealous everyday toward something you’re passionate about, and we’re a clear manifestation of that.

Why did you join SFMade?
We joined SFMade to create a better sense of community with other merchants and manufacturers within our city.

Anything new at FAZE?
Yes! A new collection available early December. It’s called Rise First, Laugh Last. The notion is about putting in the necessary work now in order to enjoy the benefits of your hard work at the end – a theme that our supporters can relate to.

-Interview by Claire & Pierre @ SFMade