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McRoskey Mattress Company is a manufacturer of mattresses and box springs that sells directly to the sleeper online and through its four retail showrooms: in San Francisco on Market Street, in Palo Alto, in San Rafael (which opened as a Pop-Up in November and is now permanent!), and a small showroom attached to the factory in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood.

We got a chance to interview the company’s CEO, Robin McRoskey Azevedo, in April 2018.

Check out McRoskey’s website here!



How did McRoskey get started?
McRoskey was established in 1899 in San Francisco by two brothers – Edward and Leonard McRoskey – who came from Chicago initially selling mattress-making equipment and shortly getting into the business of making mattresses themselves.


Robin McRoskey Azevedo, CEO of McRoskey Mattress Company


Robin, what’s your story, and how did you join the company?
My first introduction to working for McRoskey was stuffing envelopes at home when in grammar school for a marketing campaign; then in high school and college I worked in the office during summer and winter vacations. I kept my first paycheck! It was $24.75, dated 12-24-1956 (see image below). Not sure what the hourly rate was at the time.

After college, I worked in San Francisco’s Financial District in sales and insurance for 15 years. I halted working for three years when our son was born and wandered into the mattress world when he started pre-school.

A part-time job at McRoskey turned into full time, and then overtime as the manufacturing and retail world opened up to me. I was amazed to discover what a wonderful product the company had been making all these years and am honored to continue building our beautiful beds.

Can you share a few facts and numbers?

  • We currently have 26 employees including the Factory, Sales and Admin teams.
  • We build about 40 mattresses a week, 52 weeks a year!
  • Most mattresses are delivered to greater Bay Area customers but some travel afar, including Cambodia, England, Switzerland.
  • Interesting shapes and sizes of mattresses include…
    • The 7’x7’ San Francisco King!
    • Mattresses shaped to fit an iron lung
    • Mattresses for sail boats with curved sides fitting the shape of the hull
    • Hinged mattresses zippered together for tight spaces
    • A 108”-wide mattress to bed the entire family!



What’s new at McRoskey?
We opened a Pop-Up showroom in San Rafael last November…that has just become a permanent brick-and-mortar showroom, and we’re pleased to have a showroom serving North Bay customers.



What does the future hold?
The current and future efforts are creating an effective brick-and-mortar shopping experience as well as an effective online shopping experience. We truly love working with our customers and are pleased to offer what we make locally.

Why manufacture locally?
The connection the customer has to the product that is made and sold locally creates confidence. Customers can count on us to help them select the perfect comfort; customers know we stand behind our products. There are no barriers between the maker and the user.



Why did you join SFMade?
McRoskey is honored to be one of the founding members of an association that supports and advances local manufacturing. We appreciate the opportunities SFMade has provided including building a network of other local manufacturers as well service providers… and the attention and support of local and national government leaders.

~ an interview by Pierre @ SFMade.