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“Feels good to do the impossible everyday,” said Lisa Fetterman, CEO of Nomiku. Lisa is referring to reskilling folks for high tech manufacturing, something she said people told her would be impossible in the U.S.

Nomiku started in 2012, after Lisa left the restaurant industry to make a DIY common professional kitchen tool for home use. Sous vide, the method of cooking vacuum sealed food in a controlled low temp water bath, is a chef’s secret weapon. Meat is cooked evenly, and with basically no effort. With Nomiku’s sous vide immersion circulator home cooks can use the technique themselves— and with the newest product, a wi-fi version, they can even control it from anywhere. The company has also connected the appliance to an app, so users can find and send recipes to their Nomiku.
“Our mission is to eradicate every obstacle between you and a delicious plate of food,” said Lisa. To do that, Nomiku’s team of 12 has built a San Francisco high tech manufacturing factory from scratch, encouraging employees to build on their skills from previous assembly jobs.

“I want to have a bigger factory for sure, and we hope to go from 20,000 units this year to 500,000 in three years. We want to be a hosuehold name,” said Lisa.

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