Tim and Clift started Seven Stills two years ago, and they've got a lot brewing.

Tim and Clift started Seven Stills two years ago, and they’ve got a lot brewing.

Right off the bat most San Franciscan’s will recognize Seven Stills as a local brand. “It’s inspired by the seven hills of San Francisco, with each whiskey representing a different hill,” said Tim Obert, CEO. The first whiskey, Chocasmoke, made from a chocolate oatmeal stout, features art from local street artist Zio Ziegler. If you’re walking the liquor isle it’s the bottle with the nude woman, representing “los pechos de la choca,” or the breasts of the maiden, which is what the Spanish called Twin Peaks. You can’t miss it.

Clint and Tim are buddies from college, they went their separate ways and two years ago reunited to start making spirits. The small still they experimented with sits above their barrels now, a miniature version of the equipment they plan to bring in to the city in May, when they move in all of their production and become the third distillery to open up on mainland San Francisco (Distillery No.209 and Anchor are the other two). So far they’ve launched a vodka, two whiskeys, and a line of bitters.

The community is clearly ready for more. They successfully funded 200% of their goal for a Kickstarter campaign to launch the bitters line, mostly made with seasonal, local ingredients. Their Whinapose whiskey is the first in a collaboration series, made from a Pacific Brewing Laboratory double IPA. Collaborations with Almanac and Speakeasy are in the works.

Ready to get on board with the whiskey train? Occasionally, the duo rents out the F Train for a three-hour booze cruise around the city. Tickets sold out last year in 10 minutes, so head on over to their website to grab a ticket for this year’s ride before they’re gone. Otherwise, look out for upcoming cocktail classes with local bars. Also, their second hill-inspired whiskey should debut in February so keep your eyes peeled for what’s sure to be a good looking bottle.