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We visited Fabian at Anchor Brewing in November 2016.

Fabian had found a position of Packaging and Production Assistant at Anchor Brewing through the SFMade Job board a few months back, and we wanted to interview him and learn about his experience.

Where were you working before this, and how did you find this position?
I was working at UPS, it was a seasonal job. I learned about this position through a friend working at the YMCA at the time. I used to always go to the YMCA when I was younger and now I have nieces and nephews who go there.
My friend encouraged me to apply to this position and I told myself to take a shot and take a chance.

What can you tell us about your experience working for Anchor Brewing?
I love that I have the opportunity to learn new things and grow. I originally started at the packaging area and now I am working at the distillery.
I love meeting the new people that walk through our doors. That sense of team spirit and family is really big around here and it helps me get through some stressful times. I definitely plan on staying here at least for the next couple of years.
And I think the most challenging part of working here is remembering all the small little procedures that go into the whole drink making process.
In the future, I would love to be working where we run the lines and oversee the machine operations. I would love to be over there.

Are you from around the area?
Yeah man. I went to school right down the street and I only live a quick walk away from Anchor.

Question to Fabian’s Supervisors:
What are some characteristics you are looking for in potential hires, and what can workers expect when first hired?
We are looking from someone really flexible, with a good attitude, great communication skills, and of course friendly and always down to work.
We usually start everyone off in packaging and as part time or seasonal, with no more than 30 hours a week. Then after a couple of months we cross train them so that they can help on other teams.

-Interview by Claire and Valli @ SFMade