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SFMade’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Linda Becker as the CEO of the organization, effective immediately.  Linda started in the Development role at SFMade where she successfully grew the  organization’s fundraising efforts, nearly doubling annual revenue since joining over 6 years ago.

Linda brings a wealth of experience and institutional knowledge into this leadership role, where she will manage SFMade’s supporting organizations 150 Hooper and PlaceMade in addition to SFMade.  Linda’s deep understanding of our mission and her command of all the services that we provide will allow her to successfully lead SFMade through this transition.

Prior to joining SFMade over 6 years ago, Linda worked as the Program Manager for Sherwood Institute, a non-profit focused on advancing resilient energy, water, and ecological infrastructure. Concurrently, she also worked as a Project Accountant for Sherwood Design Engineers, the Institute’s for-profit sister organization. Before joining the nonprofit world, Linda had a successful career in the technology industry. Linda holds a BA in Urban Environmental Studies from San Francisco State University.

SFMade has undergone several changes in the last year, but the Board is committed to ensuring the long-term viability and growth of the organization.  We successfully weathered the pandemic and we are in a healthy financial position.  SFMade supports the local manufacturing sector through a variety of programs and partnerships with the goal of creating shared prosperity in the Bay Area.  We are excited about the opportunities ahead and thank each of you for your continued dedication to our mission. Thank you to Linda for stepping into this role and leading SFMade into the future.


The SFMade Board of Directors

Alicia Allbin

Hillary Baca

Veronica Bell

Tracy Ericson

Jon Knorpp

Rosemarie Ovian (Board Chair)

Wenli Wang