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Upcoming Programs

An Apparel Factory Tour
Thursday, May 30th
A unique opportunity to see a sewing factory in action!

SFMade Orientation
Tuesday, June 12th
Learn what we do and how we help manufacturing companies to succeed!

How to Manufacture Locally
Tuesday, June 18th
If you are planning to produce metal or building/furniture products, this session is for you!

How to Manufacture Locally for Sewn Products
Wed, June 19th
If you're planning to produce sewn apparel or accessories, this session is for you.


UPDates and member events

Logo Usage Guide for SFMade Members
Hey SFMade members, it's easy to rep the SFMade brand! Check out our handy guide, which includes an order form for free SFMade stickers, table tents, and other collateral. 

Invitation to Apply: SFMade Consumer Products Guide
Due to popular demand, SFMade has launched the SFMade Consumer Products Guide, a new tool to help retailers, organizations, and corporations source and purchase SFMade consumer products. SFMade members are encouraged to learn more and apply here.

Business Times 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies
The San Francisco Business Times is searching for the 100 fastest-growing private companies in the Bay Area and would like to see your company on the list! These companies will be celebrated in a special publication in their Oct 18th, 2013 issue. If your company had at least 10 percent growth from 2010 to 2012, it would likely qualify. Here's the link to the first step of the process, deadline is June 7th!


Open Jobs with SFMade Members

Production/Operations Manager

Manufacturing Technician

Foam Cushion Fabric and Quality Control

More here…

SFMade Job Board
SFMade members can post a job on SFMade's Job Board, and we'll help you screen for qualified candidates too! Email job descriptions to [email protected].


SFMade in the News
Read articles on SFMade Week here. 
SFMade Week Just Gets Better

We are very grateful to all of our members, sponsors, volunteers, and friends who made SFMade Week the best one yet. Over 500 people attended Ramp It Up! at Heath Ceramics, over 200 people attended factory tours, and over 60 SFMade member companies gave back to SFMade. Our fundraising total far surpassed last year and all of the money raised goes directly into supporting the needs of over 455 member companies, and the continued development of innovative programs and services. For a recap, check out these fantastic articles from local press.  

Now what, you ask? We're launching a youth internship program, rolling out more educational workshops, and partnering with Bay Area Small Business Finance to provide loans specifically for manufacturers through the city of San Francisco's newly launched emerging business loan fund. 

The Monthly Goods:
Raff Distillerie's Emperor Norton Absinthe & SFVodka's China Beach

Products We Love:  Distilling is alive and well in San Francisco. Co-located on Treasure Island, these two companies are producing artisan vodka, gin, and absinthe. We could tell you all about their passion for the craft, but we think you'll be able to taste it.  
I want one!
Raff Distillerie

Company Spotlight: Moddler
San Francisco's 3D Printer
Heard the hype about 3D printing? We have too. So we were pleasantly surprised when we received a membership application from Moddler, San Francisco's only 3D printing contract manufacturer. Before starting Moddler, owner John Vegher was in visual effects for fourteen years, working on films like The Matrix and Blade Trinity. We sat down with John to talk about the industry and the future of 3D printing. John's answers have been edited for length and clarity. 

What is 3D printing? 3D printing is one type of additive manufacturing. In traditional manufacturing you start with something (like a block of wood for example) and start chipping away at it. With additive manufacturing you start with nothing and build it up layer by layer. You literally have an industrial strength inkjet printer, and our specific technology jets out liquid photosensitive resin that is cured immediately and builds up parts layer by layer– our layers are about 1/5 of a human hair. We can turn a digital CAD file into a physical object much faster, with better resolution, and in many cases cheaper than traditional methods. 

Where is additive manufacturing going?
The sky’s the limit, however the innovation is coming slowly. Regarding the maker bot machines for consumers, the quality they can provide is a pale shadow compared to the professional machines. The general public is already like, “I want to print a microwave!” but the truth is we’re really far away from that. For the average consumer, designing the stuff and thinking three dimensionally and making a functional thing that’s safe, that fits in your hand correctly, that works… it’s not that simple. But that’s not to say that in five or ten years there could be some really big changes. 

Learn more about Moddler here