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SFMade Week 2013 May 6-12
Meet the Member Companies Sponsoring SFMade Week – An ongoing series
Bi-Rite Creamery Bi-Rite Family of Businesses
With two markets, a creamery, and a PUBLIC label, we don't need to tell you about Bi-Rite's contribution to the local manufacturing sector. Walk into their market, and you'll find aisles celebrating local producers. Their PUBLIC label turns the notion of a private label upside down— these are products that are sourced locally, made locally and Bi-Rite is proudly transparent about it. At Bi-Rite Creamery, they chrun their own small batch ice cream using milk from Straus Family Creamery, just 40 miles away. Want to learn more? Sign up for their factory tour!
Ritual Coffee
Ritual Coffee Roasters opened in May 2005 with the intention to share amazing coffee with San Francisco, and it was only a matter of weeks, or maybe just one, before Ritual had a line out the door. Ritual was not only an original member of SFMade, but also one of the original third-wave coffee companies in the Bay Area. Since their start, they've opened three more cafes, and still roast their beans right in the heart of SOMA. 

Ritual Coffee Roasters
Rx Clothing
Rachel Lewin went from nurse to designer. After working as a nurse for 15 years, Lewin grew tired of her scrubs, so she moved to San Francisco, enrolled in fashion school, and started a business making smart and comfortable clothing for healthcare professionals. “I didn’t know anything about the production process or starting a business. I just knew that I didn’t like the garment I was wearing to work, and I thought why can’t I wear clothes that I enjoy wearing?” she said. RxClothing quickly established a niche in the market by sourcing domestically produced organic textiles. California Pacific Medical Center was their first contract, and the company is now gearing up to go national. 

California Saw & Knife Works
California Saw and Knife Works
The factory of California Saw and Knife Works on Brannan and 6th Streets has equipment that’s survived the 1906 earthquake. Four of the ten employees here are family members, carrying on a long tradition of designing and manufacturing circular saw plates for the lumber industry, as well as knives used in food processing machinery around the globe.

Charles Chocolates
Charles Chocolates
Founded in 2004, Charles Chocolates began as one man’s dedication to the art of chocolate, his pursuit of perfection, and a complete and total passion for producing only the finest confections. Chuck (Charles) Siegel has been a part of the Bay Area chocolate scene since 1987 when he started his first premium chocolate company at the age of 25. Visit the new factory in the Northeast Mission during our walking tour!



A San Francisco based winery with deep Baltimore roots. They produce California pinot noir, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, zinfandel, and other varietals from some of the best vineyards in the State, and have a lot of fun doing so!


Check out their factory tour during SFMade Week

Kika's Treats

Ramp It Up! Dessert Sponsor
Kika’s Treats is an artisanal company which manufactures premium pure chocolate-covered baked goods. Owner Cristina Besher, a.k.a. Kika. was born and raised in Brazil, one of the tropical lands of cacao, where she spent her days baking and eating all things chocolate. And now she shares her favorite treats with you. Visit her factory in the Dogpatch during our walking tour!



Dawson Custom Workroom

Maker Station at Ramp It Up!
Dawson Custom Workroom provides innovative design solutions for top interior design firms and showrooms.


Poco Dolce

Maker Station at Ramp It Up!
Poco Dolce: Italian for “little sweet,” Poco Dolce’s mission is to elevate the art of sweet and savory with their signature lines of Bittersweet Tiles with Sea Salt, Toffee Squares, and Bittersweet Chocolate Bars. Hand-crafted in small batches, Poco Dolce’s artisan chocolates and confections feature only the finest all-natural ingredients – from local nuts and seeds to Sea Salt harvested from the coast of Brittany. Visit their factory in the Dogpatch during our walking tour!


Mission Bicycle Company
Mission Bicycles are made of steel, weigh less than twenty pounds, and are built to last a lifetime. Each one is custom built, part by part, in the Mission. Attend their factory tour and hear the co-founder at our panel on the intersection of design, craft and technology. 



Maker Station at Ramp It Up!
Gooseberry Press is dedicated to good design and beautifully made products. They specialize in whimsical hand-drawn maps and designs.


Hydra products are modern, unique, and therapeutic. The ever-popular fizzing Shower Burst is water-activated to release aromatherapy essential oils for a true spa experience.
Heliotrope SF
Heliotrope specializes in high-quality, all-natural products with a focus on local suppliers and simple, organic ingredients.


The Winery brings together a team of highly acclaimed winemakers from Napa, Sonoma and beyond to produce handcrafted artisan wines locally, in San Francisco.