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Product: We love footwear made to last, especially The Workboot, a vintage design duplicated for authenticity, long life and comfort. Made with oil infused calf skin from Milwaukee WI, this leather heals most scratches and is semi waterproof.

About: Owner Frank Beneduci was born in Brockton Massachusetts in the 1960s and was the grandson of Italian immigrants. Brockton was home to America’s shoe making industry in the early 1900s, and there are still some major shoe brands that name it as their headquarters.

But Beneduci spent much of his career in advertising, and only in 2010 did he come full circle to shoemaking. He began his journey in Milan at one of the world’s best pattern making schools, and then continued learning from the country’s best boot makers along the West coast.

In 2014 he opened Beneduci Shoemakers in San Francisco at the corner of 30th Street and San Jose Avenue in the Outer Mission.

Every pair of Beneduci shoes is crafted by hand, with assistance from machinery that dates back to the 1960s era of classic American boot making. Walk into the factory and you’ll find machines labeled Made in Oakland— many are the last in production that were engineered, all made in the USA, with all American components and steel. Beneduci refurbished most of the machinery himself.


I want one!
To try on a pair, visit the shop in person and stay tuned for new ladies releases, a combat boot in various colors and an oxford.