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Products we love: the sophisticated totes from Millie Lottie!

Millie Lottie joined SFMade in mid-2016 and offers a line of accessories used for everything from cooking to transporting food and setting the table.

Their signature products are food totes and wraps with a removable cutting board – Learn more on their website!

More about the products
Millie | Lottie supports your luxury lifestyle with function and quality. As a food tote + housewares company we offer a line of thoughtful products that take you from cooking and transporting food to setting the table. Our signature products are flexible wraps and modern food totes with a removable cutting board. We offer a contemporary design on a traditional approach of carrying and sharing food. Luxury modern totes that will last and serve all functions…your Millie | Lottie will become your favorite go-to tote.

The Story
The love of cooking for others, sharing food and gathering as a community are the inspiration behind Millie | Lottie. A rewarding part of my life outside of work is feeding my family and sharing food with friends, building community around the dinner table. After having children, the concept of sharing food expanded with the constant demand to “bring an item” to a potluck, school play, picnic at the park/beach or to a family in need. Whether I lovingly prepare a gourmet dish or pick up salami, cheese and bread, my Southern sensibility had me searching for a way to carry food comfortably and with style. Unsatisfied with the options in the market, I made it my mission to create a luxurious tote that reflected a more modern, simple and elegant solution. Millie | Lottie started producing and selling in 2015.

– Jan Hammock, Owner

I partnered with Susan Robinson, whom I met when our children were in kindergarten. After working together for 8 years on elaborate school art projects, we joined forces to design and produce a line for Millie | Lottie. Susan and I were able to bring the tote that inhabited my dreams forward to the marketplace. Susan has 20 years experience sustainably manufacturing in San Francisco. All our products are sustainably made in San Francisco, affording us SFMade.org status.

Millie | Lottie is named in honor of our family influences, our inspirations. Mildred, my mom, inspired the food totes. She mastered the world of entertaining and sharing her well-loved culinary dishes when marriage took her to Virginia. I grew up being branded by scorching dishes balanced on my lap. Lottie is represented two-fold in our families, both by my paternal Aunt Lottie Gray and Susan’s mother Charlotte, who loves to sew.