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Remember these four points when writing a job description and you’ll get better applications hitting your inbox pronto.

1. Keep duties and requirements separate. There should be two distinct parts of your job description: skills and experience required and a separate description of the actual duties.

2. State a salary range for hourly positions. DOE can be a waste of time if people apply who wouldn’t consider the salary you can offer. The range can be a big help: For the lower part of the range state what you would offer someone with great potential who needs training, and for the top part of the range think about someone who has everything you’re looking for.

3. Provide schedule details. If the position is part-time, state the days and hours you need the applicant to be available. Applicants for part-time jobs may be in school or have another job and need to make sure they’ll be available.

4. Extra requirements. Don’t forget to include anything else that applicants need to have: a divers license or a car, or maybe to speak Spanish or Chinese.

If you have any questions about this article or other HR needs, please contact Claire Michaels, Manufacturing Workforce and Hiring Manager at [email protected] or (415) 408-5605 ext 7.