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Last time we wrote a story on Jamieson Leadbetter he was just getting his English muffin business off the ground. Jamieson comes from a long-line of bakers and entrepreneurs, starting with Nancy Leadbetter, who opened the first Leadbetter’s Bakery in Portland, Maine in 1931. A few years ago Jamieson decided to get out of office life and went back to his family tradition: producing big, fluffy English muffins that are sold in stores all over the Bay Area.

Since then, his business has grown— and in unexpected ways. He’s acquired a frozen pastry dough company called French Picnic, the muffin business grows organically every year, and— the most exciting new development—he’s built a gluten-free kitchen where he’s making a new pastry dough and co-packing for a few local gluten-free bakers. His staff of eight is already working at full capacity, so soon he’ll be hiring more people for the gluten-free kitchen across the hall in the American Industrial Center.

More info on Leadbetter’s here and French Picnic here.