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Making Saws in SOMA Since 1886
About: The factory of California Saw and Knife Works on Brannan and 6th Streets has equipment that’s survived the 1906 earthquake. We’re not quite sure if they’re the oldest manufacturer in San Francisco (Phoenix Day in the Bayview comes close), but they’re most certainly veterans in the industry.

Four of the ten employees here are family members, carrying on a long tradition of designing and manufacturing circular saw plates for the lumber industry, as well as knives used in food processing machinery around the globe.

How SFMade has helped them: When faced with a new energy ordinance, the owners, Karen and Warren Bird, were worried about new costs. They came to the SFMade workshop, “Save Energy and Reduce Your Bill,” in November with PG & E and SF Energy Watch, where they made the connections they needed to save thousands of dollars. “The money we saved was a direct result from that workshop,” said Karen.

Learn more about California Saw & Knife Works here – http://www.calsaw.com/

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