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Chris Coccagna has big plans for tea in San Francisco
Truth, beauty, and community. Chris Coccagna started T-We Tea in 2010 with those three guiding principles and three handcrafted tea blends. Now he has more than 18 blends, all found inside his new retail store in the Crocker Galleria. Brightly colored boxes of tea cover the walls, with names like Guurl Grey, a citrusy version of earl grey, and Grumpy Dinosaur, a peppermint blend with a hint of vanilla bean, and even a San Francisco collection inspired by Dolores Park and foggy mornings. His first employee, Kier, pours samples for shoppers as they stop in. “We are inspired by the artists and makers of the world, and we feel like tea is the drink of the creatives.” said Coccagna. “I’ve always wanted to create a product that furthered that community.”

Coccagna has big plans for the future: a tea kiosk with brews by the cup, and eventually a tea cocktail parlor, taking the afternoon tradition of tea to a whole new level.

To learn more about T-We Tea visit http://www.t-wetea.com/