Empowering manufacturers. Creating jobs. Transforming our city.

We believe it’s time for a new map that surfaces the design stories all around us.

Whether it’s a beautiful blue velvet couch in your favorite hotel, or a bold wall hanging in your local cafe, Wescover connects the people, places, and stories behind design objects that impact our everyday lives. They’re the hidden stories you won’t find in a gallery or magazine.

Learn from the the authors of our everyday places – a designer, a hotel visionary, an undiscovered creator, a passionate woodworker, or a mastermind artist. When a creator’s object exists in the real world, it’s a living point on the large and invisible map that defines design today.

If you want to be in the know, you have to know the map.

“This is every design enthusiast’s dream. It’s a map for the hidden connections between objects and makers that exist around us every day, in all of the spaces we walk through.”

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