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At Feve, our Chocolatiers produce our many truffles, caramels, panned items and confections. They are responsible for organizing and planning their production flow and daily manufacturing processes. While we expect our Chocolatiers to have at least some culinary experience, it can come from pastry making or baking too. Most importantly, you will be trained in every aspect of our production at Feve. Our Chocolatiers preside over quality control, cleanliness and sanitation of the production facility, and organization of production against real-time order demands to meet our customer’s needs on time with the highest-quality product. You must be a good communicator, and especially disciplined and focused. Organizational skills are a must. The Chocolatier will report to our Production Manager, who reports into the President & CEO of Feve. At Feve, our employees are very valuable and we strive to create a working environment that is both focused and disciplined, as well as enjoyable. This is a full-time position with a normal work day from 9 to 5pm. However, during our busy holiday and seasonal periods, you may be required to come in earlier or work occasional weekends to keep up with demand. However, most of the time you will have your evenings and weekends free. We are seeking enthusiastic candidates wanting to learn the craft of artisan chocolate-making who will commit to a minimum two year engagement with Feve. Above and beyond motivation and positive attitude are important, and get noticed and rewarded at Feve!


• Produce the complete range of Feve products, including production of fillings, ganaches, chocolate shells, bars, toffees, panned dragee products, and both enrobed and molded confections while ensuring that all products are made according to Feve best-in-class standards in a timely focused manner.
• Assist with execution of time-sensitive production against deadlines, possessing the flexibility required to change and adapt production as customer needs change. Must be experienced managing competing priorities in a fast-paced environment.
• Working with the company’s other Chocolatiers, help coordinate production flow with packing requirements, shelf life management, and near-term order fulfilment and shipping deadlines
• Check in and inspect raw materials and ingredients from vendors, including recording ingredient traceability and expiration dates.
• Use our Point-of-Sale system to manage retail sales in our factory storefront.
• Independent problem solving skills are very important, must think like an owner.
• Use your knowledge of HACCP and food safety management to execute Good Manufacturing Practices and maintain a clean, well-organized work environment.
• Help out wherever needed and pitch in with other members of the Feve team. Be able to focus like a laser on projects or tasks. Be able to proactively see the business’ needs and fill them without being asked.
• Understand basic math and computer operating techniques. Provide positive input and ideas to new products and recipes
• Help sustain our unique collaborative culture, and maintain a positive work environment that is focused, progressive and enjoyable.

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150 Hooper Street, Unit 200
San Francisco, CA 94107
P: 415 408 5605


150 Hooper Street, Unit 200
San Francisco, CA 94107 P: 415 408 5605

Manufacture : San Jose

1608 Las Plumas Avenue
San Jose, CA 95133
P: 408 326 0591