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Job Description

Job Description
As Citrogene’s molecular/genetics biologist, you will be expected to apply your expertise in the discovery of new technologies, product development and product improvements for the advancement of Citrogene existing diagnostic platform.

This is a laboratory-based position and the individual will plan, and analyze experiments for Citrogene’s new products. This position will interact with a diverse and cross-functional team of scientists working in a variety of R&D efforts.

This job requires applicants to have earned their Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Genetics, or equivalent experience. This position is requires in the applicant to work directly at Citrogene office which is located in San Jose, California 95131.

In addition to technical qualifications, the ideal candidate will be highly goal oriented, with excellent oral and written communication skills. In a world of rapid innovation, we seek brave inventors/innovators who want to make an Impact in our new technology. We encourage you to bring your disruptive thinking, collaborative spirit and diverse perspective to our organisation.

Primary Responsibilities
Development of in vitro assays, including the assay qualification, optimization and validation.
Reagent development, and scaling up
Oversee experimental testing design for diagnostic assays
Manage project timeline
Research related to diagnostic point of care applications. Maintain a high level of expertise in this area to provide support to the team.
Take accountability for delivering quality results on time and in a highly ethical and professional manner.
Regular presentation of the progress and new achievements to the research team and the board.
Support manufacturing team in troubleshooting with a customer mindset.
Maintain in-depth knowledge of relevant point of care testing.
Qualifications and Desired Skills
Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Genetics, or equivalent industrial experience. Candidates with 2+ years of post-doctoral experience or industrial experience is desirable.
Successful track record in molecular biology
Strong expert level knowledge and skills in molecular biology methods such as qPCR, RT-PCR, multiplex PCR, LAMP, RPA, nucleic acid purification, LAMP-primer design, CRISPR-Cas 13, quantification methods, etc.
Familiarity with regular lab maintenance.
History in a GLP environment
Understanding of batch records, BOM, logistics and inventory parameters, costing parameters, document management systems, etc.
Knowledge in handling clinical samples and ability to work in a BSL-2 environment.
Knowledge of biological and chemical safetyExperience with product development/design control (Technical Feasibility and Design & Development phases).
Ability to analyze experimental data, and effectively explain conclusions.
Ability to design and execute follow-up experiments independently.
Demonstrate resourcefulness and the ability to identify and solve difficult and complex multi-factorial problems.
Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team.
Must be tolerant to change, ready to take on new challenges, and open to learning new skills.
Must keep clear records of experiments and data.
Advanced data analysis is a plus.
Industrial experience in Product Development is a plus.

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150 Hooper Street, Unit 200
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