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Andytown Coffee Roasters

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Andytown Coffee Roasters was founded in 2014 by Michael McCrory and Lauren Crabbe to bring specialty coffee roasting to the Outer Sunset in San Francisco.

We wanted Andytown to feel like your grandmother's kitchen—clean, cozy, welcoming, and warm. When we started, we did all our roasting, baking, and customer service in our 600 square foot space.

As we grow, we are building a team of experienced coffee and pastry professionals who work hard and continuously challenge us to improve.

We believe in investing in our neighborhood, creating good jobs, and using our economic impact for good.

Andytown is built on a foundation of quality, approachability, and transparency. We are constantly working to improve ourselves, our product, and the world in which we live.

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  • Industry: Food and Beverage
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Job Duties

Job Description and Goals:
-Accountable for all customer service issues of your location.
-Training new hires on bar flow, best equipment practices, and customer service.
-First stop for shift coverage and/or finding coverage for shifts if team is unavailable.
-Helping run front of house, making sure the team is fully staffed with the Retail Manager’s help; employees are happy, and people are doing their jobs.
-Figure out how to best implement training in stores; while on bar with new hires, providing hands-on step-by-step instruction; showing new hires tips and tricks, always explaining ‘why’ while sharing the most efficient ways to work the bar.
-Help enforce the standards we have for coffee; ensuring that baristas are pulling good shots and perfect milk, and the drinks are well executed.
-Updating staff members on changes in opening/closing procedures; holding them accountable for initialing tasks.
-Ensuring your staff members take their breaks and understand break-laws
-Handling all equipment issues; contact tech department whenever necessary, including register equipment issues.
-Responsible for updating employee training manual.
-Responsible for training new hires on operating and closing cash register, organizing deposits, and employee tips; holding employees accountable, notify the Retail Manager of reoccurring issues, and retrain when issues arise.
-Work alongside trainer on employee training progress; implementation of coffee standards and menu items.
-Hold employees accountable to coffee standards, job performance, and company values.
-Maintain cleanliness of café, workspace, and storage areas; ensure that employees are working together to keep the shop clean.
-Timely ordering of coffee; ensuring coffee is aged out appropriately etc.
-Timely ordering of dairy and supply master
-Timely ordering of retail supplies; communicating purchasing needs to the production department; ensuring the café shelves are always clean and well-stocked.
-Follow Andytown’s management philosophy of leading by example, promoting a welcoming and diverse workplace.

Job Requirements

Requirements and Training:
-Motivated to create memorable experiences for guests by being top of your coffee making game with humility. You believe that making genuine interactions with guests are just as important as making delicious coffee, and you serve as good example to the baristas.
-1-2 years proven coffee experience
-Previous experience managing people is a plus!
-Positive communication skills- ability correct actions the moment issues arise
-Attend regular coffee calibrations with training department
-Kind teacher, facilitator, effective communicator, and willing to always work on your communication skills, you like sharing knowledge and like learning, are able to meet others where they are at.
-Provide a safe workplace for all employees
-Attend regular management and people training meetings to build conflict resolution skills
-Complete harassment prevention training within 90-days of hire
-Complete Servesafe Certification within 30-days of hire
-Ability to do repetitive work, including tamping espresso by hand
-Comfortability working in a small space in close proximity to others
-Ability to lift 25-50 pounds
-Ability to stand up to 8 hrs.
-Sometimes will need to bend, crouch, and kneel to complete tasks
-Sometimes will be asked to stand on a ladder to clean lights, windows, and/or organize back stock

Skills/Experience Preferred


$20 an hour + tips


health and dental benefits, sick pay, and access to all the coffee you can drink



Resume Required


Cover letter Required


Other Application Requirements