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Baking Assistant

Company Overview

Three Babes Bakeshop

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Three Babes Bakeshop is a San Francisco bakery known for our pies and pastries, which are made by hand using seasonal, organic ingredients from Northern California and Central Valley farms. Though we will soon be moving into our own space in the Mission District, we currently work out of a commercial kitchen in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood. Our products are available seven days a week for pickup at our kitchen and delivery anywhere in San Francisco. We also sell at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market every Saturday and ship some items nationwide. During non-COVID times, we provide desserts to select corporate wholesale accounts in the Bay Area.

Equal Opportunity Employer. In accordance with the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records for employment.

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  • Industry: Food and Beverage
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Job Duties

Our bakers are responsible for working as a team to produce the world’s best pies and other baked goods, on time, under budget and at scale while maintaining a positive, transparent and cooperative environment. As a Baking Assistant, you will be learning to make baked goods of superior quality quickly and efficiently, and will build good habits by engaging in the process we set forth. Under the guidance of the Baking Operations Manager, Assistant Baking Operations Manager, and Head of Product (and, in their absence, the Baking Lead and Bakers) you will be responsible for, on a continuous basis, working to follow and improve our systems and processes. Specific responsibilities for all jobs are listed below. As a Baking Assistant, you will work under the guidance of our more experienced staff members for all tasks.

Production, with continuous attention to time spent and quality achieved:
- Crust: Mise, fabrication (using a Hobart Mixer), portioning, rolling out, and fluting crust, properly storing in freezer or walk-in, packaging for long-term storage.
- Grahams: Mise, fabrication, shaping and baking off graham crackers. Grinding grahams with RobotCoupe mixer, mise for shells, mixing graham crust, weighing graham crust into tins, setting up our graham cracker machine, fabricating shells, storing them in the freezer, packaging for storage.
- Fruit/Nut Prep: Weighing, washing and preparing fruit – by hand and by machine, toasting and/or breaking up nuts.
- Mixing and pouring custards and fillings: Mise, Mix (making sure to follow the recipe) – either by hand or with a machine (according to recipe), proper storage of filling.
- Mixing cookies and toppings: Following a recipe to mise and mix dough for cookies, as well as crumbles, streusels, and other toppings, whipping cream in a Kitchenaid or Hobart for topping cream pies.
- Filling and topping pies: pouring or portioning filling into shells, topping cream pies with fresh whipped cream and garnishing, latticing and fluting pies, topping pies with crumble.
- Fabrication of turnovers: Miseing/mixing turnover filling as well as fabricating the individual turnovers with exact consistency
- Mixing and scooping muffins: Following a recipe to mise, mix and scoop muffin batter with exact consistency
- Cakes: Miseing/mixing cake batter and then baking it, then making the frosting and frosting the cakes
- Scones: Miseing/mixing the scone dough and pressing it into half sheet pans, then cutting into squares all of the exact same size
- Baking: Baking pies, cookies, and other products, using the baking guidelines provided.
- Packaging: Cleaning the bottoms off of pies, building boxes, stickering boxes, boxing pies for the market, slicing pies, and packaging pies for sale
via wholesale partners, preparing whole pies for delivery or pickup. Packaging pies for shipping, printing and affixing labels.
- Delivery: If necessary, delivering larger orders to our customers and/or wholesale partners.
- Cleaning up: Dishes, cleaning up and maintaining your work station, cleaning certain equipment after use, tidying up the kitchen, sweeping, mopping, cleaning up the bathroom as needed, emptying used sheet pans of water and debris and placing in the proper location at the dish pit, putting away clean dishes.

- On a rotating (assigned) basis, act as the DRI (designated responsible individual), to lead the order fulfillment and daily housekeeping tasks. In this capacity, you’ll need to:
- Ensure that all deliveries are scheduled
- Ensure that all products are ready to go out at the specified time o Update Orders spreadsheet
- Under your direction, complete daily DRI Checklist/Housekeeping List with the help of the rest of the baking team
- Enter the day’s KPI’s or make sure they have all been entered. o Be responsible for day-of or last-minute orders
- Package pies for shipping
- Take initiative and be proactive about identifying and solving issues as they happen
- On occasion, direct and lead newer members of the kitchen team in completing production tasks

- You will maintain regular inventories of dry goods, refrigerated and frozen goods, completed products, packaging materials, and supplies.
- If you notice that we are starting to get low on anything, you will notify your manager to prevent a shortage from occurring.
Data collection and reporting:
- On a continuous basis, keeping track of your times and either filling out KPIs or communicating with the DRI (Designated Responsible Individual) to record KPI’s for you.
- Help the other members of your team succeed in data collection and reporting.
- Bakers and Baking Assistants will implement the R+D experiments mandated by the Head of Product, and will record and report data to assist in the assessment of our processes.

- Completing regular trainings to improve your skill.
- Helping to train newer members of the kitchen to bring the entire team up to meet our production standards.

Customer Service:
- On occasion, interacting with customers in an efficient, respectful and friendly manner to help them with their pie purchases.
- On occasion, collecting payments from customers, either on our iPads, or in cash.
Ordering deliveries:
- As the DRI or simply as needed, ordering deliveries and updating the Orders Spreadsheet.
- Working with delivery personnel to distribute the correct pies, complete with corresponding notes, paraphernalia, and special packaging. Feedback, Professionalism, and Continuous Improvement:
- You will at all times work with a sense of urgency, and will vigilantly work to meet the standards of production speed and quality, professionalism, personal comportment, punctuality, organization, teamwork, and attitude set forth in the Three Babes Bakeshop Standard of Performance.
- All Baking Staff will adhere to Three Babes Bakeshop’s Dress Code and will ensure that their team members do the same.
- Our Bakers and Baking Assistants will use Homebase to clock in and out, communicate their schedule, and request time off. They will use Gusto to request sick pay and access information regarding paychecks.
- Bakers and Baking Assistants will provide feedback in regular 1:1’s regarding the state of operations in the kitchen and will present ideas for continuous operational improvement. Outside of the 1:1 and review process, staff members are not to engage in gossip or negative discussion of other team members or team members of organizations with which we conduct business.
- Bakers and Baking Assistants will give and receive feedback in a professional manner, contributing to an overall environment of transparency and continuous improvement. It is OK to be the worst at something, and in an environment in which expectations are effectively set, one should be unable to meet their goals about 50% of the time. Effort and motivation are most important.

Job Requirements

- A love for baking: No professional baking experience is necessary, but you must be comfortable working on a team and giving and receiving feedback.
- Attention to detail: You must possess a strong attention to detail and be able to follow directions.
- Basic math skills: You must be able to use a calculator to do basic division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction.
- Ability to read and write in English: our recipes are all written in English, and every employee must use Slack to communicate with each other as a team.
- Physical Requirements: You will be required to stand for the entire time you are working on production, and lift 25 to 50 lbs on a regular basis. Excellent personal hygiene is also required.
- Sense of urgency: You must work with speed. You will be working at first to learn the basic skills required to make our products, and within a few weeks you should be well on your way to achieving the timing and efficiency expectations we set forth.
- Clear Communicator: Three Babes has a positive and collaborative culture, and you must be able to resolve problems, accept feedback, and communicate openly, clearly, and honestly in a positive way while remaining effective.
- Self-starter: Many of the systems & processes that we need have yet to be built. Our ideal candidate has no problem rolling up their sleeves and pitching in. We're looking for someone who's flexible, nimble, doesn't have an ego and is ok with getting their hands dirty. Patience, resourcefulness, a positive attitude, and sense of humor are a must!
- Basic Professionalism: Time management, effective communication, enthusiasm, accountability, consistency, and appropriate attire are all required.
- Responsible Driver: All sales staff are required to have a valid California Driver's License and be able to drive the company van, a Ford Transit Connect.

Skills/Experience Preferred

You love baked goods, people and teamwork. You are excited to build a deep understanding of our processes, our product, and our team dynamic. You enjoy working in an active setting and are willing to engage in physical work for an entire workday. You are open to the fact that you will not be perfect, and understand that maintaining a transparent and accountable environment is the way we help people grow and improve. You are excited by the challenge of building a sustainable business that produces some of the world’s very best pies. You like working hard and are engaged in the pursuit of excellence. You are interested in building a strong basis of institutional knowledge and have a desire to grow into organizational or operational leadership. You are a confident critical thinker who demonstrates flexibility and is able to problem solve under pressure. You have a leadership mentality, and feel a strong sense of responsibility, initiative, accountability, and willingness to continuously learn.

Passion for food and baking. Google suite, Airtable, and previous customer service experience a plus!


$16.50/hr or more depending on experience


Benefits offered include health insurance (including vision and dental), 401k matching, paid time off (including jury duty, bereavement, and family leave). Perks include free classes, discounted pies, staff snacks and activities!


Full-Time; Hiring for 7 days/week; shift options include 4:30am-1pm, 8am-4:30pm; minimum of one weekend day required

Resume Required


Cover letter Required


Other Application Requirements