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About Sarah Kersten Studio. This is a small ceramics manufacturing studio, making ceramic objects to use in the kitchen. We are proud of our reputation for quality craftsmanship. We believe in the value of artisanship and objects that are intended for use every day. This business started in 2012 growing from Sarah’s passion for making ceramics. Today, we are a team of 7, and growing. We sell online, directly to customers in Oakland, and to restaurants/stores around the country.

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Job Duties

Open Positions. We are looking for two new employees to join the production team. Employees will be cross trained to work across different parts of production, including making work on a hydraulic press, finishing work, glazing work, loading/firing kilns, quality control, and shipping. As a small company, many of our employees are trained in all departments so that they can help with various tasks if needed.

What is the workplace like?

We are a small team! Right now there are seven of us: 5 employees, one manager, and one owner who is on site every day. We respect each other and generally enjoy the work environment. We work Monday-Friday from 9-5. We work in a 6000 square foot space in West Oakland. This is a business and manufacturing studio first and an artist’s studio second. We share a passion for making things and doing quality work. Some of us have a background in ceramics, and some of us do not.


- Loading + Unloading Kilns
- Operating a hydraulic press, used for making ceramic pottery
- Spray Glazing + Dip Glazing ceramic pottery
- Finishing work for ceramic pottery, including smoothing out seams and sanding pottery
- Keeping work stations clean and following best safety practices in the studio.

Typical Schedule:

We will primarily train new employees to learn one station at a time until new employees can work 3 different stations. The stations are 1) using the hydraulic press to make the ceramics, 2) cleaning up/processing the ceramics after they are formed and after they are fired, and 3) glazing the ceramics. All employees load and unload kilns depending on workload and availability. We may also train new employees to pack + ship. After staff is trained, when staff come to work, they begin by working in one station, and will then rotate into one or two different stations over the course of the day.

Job Requirements

- A desire to work in a manufacturing/production environment
- Physical strength: Applicants should be able to work on their feet & lift 50 pounds if necessary.
- Previous ceramics experience is appreciated but not required. We are mostly looking for someone with a keen interest in attention to detail and working with their hands.

Skills/Experience Preferred


$18-20 Per Hour, DOE


shared-cost health insurance plan after a waiting period + an FSA for full time employees after a waiting period. We offer a small amount of PTO + paid holidays after 3 months of employment.


Full Time, M-F, 9am-5pm

Resume Required


Cover letter Required


Other Application Requirements