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In the kitchen, Feve creates flavors and textures like no other chocolatier. Founded in San Francisco over a decade ago, we create innovative and sustainable chocolate confections that offer a unique artistic and transformative culinary experience. Shawn Williams, our Founder and Executive Chocolatier, is one of the most experienced professionals in the trade. With his passion for chocolate and his years of experience as an Admiral’s chef in the Navy, pastry chef at Michelin-starred La Folie, and apprentice to noted Chocolatier Ewald Notter, Feve started humbly over 10 years ago – with big dreams and few investment dollars.

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Job Duties

Chocolatier: At Feve, our Chocolatiers’ responsibilities include production of our many truffles, caramels, panned items and confections, and organizing and planning our production flow, inventory control, and daily manufacturing processes. While we expect our Chocolatiers to have at least some culinary experience, you will be trained in every aspect of production at Feve. You must be a good communicator, and especially disciplined and focused. Organizational skills are a must. At Feve, our employees are very valuable and we strive to create a working environment that is focused and disciplined, as well as enjoyable to work in. The hourly wage is competitive, and our normal work week is 40 hours from 9 to 5pm, but we are seeking both full-time and part-time team members. During our busy holiday and seasonal periods, you may be required to come in earlier or work occasional weekends to keep up with demand. We are seeking enthusiastic candidates wanting to learn artisan chocolate-making who will commit to a minimum two year engagement with Feve. Responsibilities: - Produce the complete range of Feve products, manage our production flow and inventory control, and help our assistant chocolatiers to ensure products are made according to Feve best-in-class standards in a timely focused manner. - Create work orders, manage production schedules, possess the flexibility required to change and adapt production as needs change. Must have experience understanding and controlling time management. - Coordinate production flow with order fulfilment, packaging needs and orders. - Manage inventory and ordering of raw materials, finished goods and packaging using Feve’s state-of-the-art ERP (inventory management and control) IT system. - Use our Point-of-Sale system to manage retail sales in our factory storefront. - Independent problem solving skills are very important, must think like an owner. - Training in HACCP and food safety management, oversight of ingredient traceability and recall control. Maintain a clean, well-organized work environment. - Help out wherever needed and pitch in with other members of the Feve team. Help train our Assistant Chocolatiers, and be able to focus like a laser on projects or tasks. - Understand basic math and computer operating techniques. Positive input and ideas to achieve sustainability are welcome and expected. - Create a positive work environment that is focused, progressive and enjoyable.

Job Requirements

Required Qualifications: - Minimum 2 years of culinary experience - Focus, positive attitude and desire to learn very high-end artisanal chocolate-making and participate in company growth - Previous experience in or as a pastry chef, chocolatier, chocolate maker, candy maker, dessert chef, bread baker, executive chef, sous chef, or other culinary professional position. Culinary school experience counts. Most importantly, we're looking for a demonstrated passion for the culinary arts. - Attention to detail, organizational skills, and an above-average ability to multitask - Clear and frequent communicator, ability to work with people of various personalities - Ability to perform repetitive tasks, stand for 8+ hours, move quickly and lift heavy objects up to and including 40 pounds. - Must be fluent in English

Skills/Experience Preferred

Desired Knowledge and Skills: - Artisan chocolate making, tempering, making ganaches, caramels, pralines - Ability to pan (chocolate coat) various centers and understand the science and art that goes into panning and basic confectionery - Motivation to develop new procedures, recipes and improve work flow productivity - ServSafe food certification





Full-Time or Part-Time, Monday - Friday between 10 am and 5 pm

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