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About Us Dandelion Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in San Francisco’s Mission District. We make chocolate from only two ingredients, cocoa beans and cane sugar, and travel to origins as often as we can to build good, trusting relationships with the producers who grow and ferment the beans we buy. We’re always on the search for quality cocoa beans, and now we’re looking for a Delivery Hero & Fulfillment Assistant to help all of our locations run smoothly.

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Job Duties

About the Job
You will be responsible for delivering chocolate to local coffee shops, bakeries, grocery stores, and to Dandelion Chocolate’s San Francisco locations. You will build and foster dependable relationships with our partners and be the person that Dandelion Chocolate relies on to connect our teams, locations, and partners, and keeps us functioning across multiple locations. There’s no such thing as a typical day, but your mornings begin with packing the van with daily deliveries to our three locations and picking up pastries from the kitchen to be brought to our café at the Ferry Building. Once our cafés have what they need to begin the day, you pick up chocolate bars from the Production Team at our flagship location and bring them back to the warehouse for the Product Makers to work their magic. With everything in its place, you begin answering emails and prioritizing what orders should be completed now and what supplies should be put aside for tomorrow morning’s delivery. You check in with the team to see any new orders that have come in and own the fulfillment process from start to finish. Each day has a different focus and priority which you effortlessly adapt to and plan your day accordingly.

Deliveries: Deliver pastries and chocolate to our Ferry Building and Mission District locations, as well as to our wholesale partners. Chocolate is delicate and temperature-sensitive so you are sure to keep this in mind during deliveries.
Driving Plan: Create daily delivery timeline and route. Proactively communicate timeline to people expecting deliveries and meet promised deadlines. Safely meet schedule while driving and parking in San Francisco.
Inventory and Fulfillment: Accept external deliveries and put away, restock, and organize inventory. Pack orders for online and wholesale customers, always keeping in mind the customer’s unboxing experience.
Vehicle Maintenance: Keep our Dandelion van -- the “vandelion” -- clean and in safe working condition.
Tech Skills: Access orders placed by Cafés, Kitchen and Production through our inventory system. Ability to learn Google Suite.
Relationships: Build relationships with team managers and be dependable. Partners know you'll keep your delivery promises and want to work with you again (and again.)
Prioritization: Synthesize and prioritize requests from different teams and partners. You're a person who's great at keeping to-do lists.
Other tasks as necessary.

Job Requirements

About You
We’re looking for someone who doesn’t just make deliveries but takes the extra step to understand what each delivery requires, see how they can seamlessly integrate deliveries into the workflow of the recipient, and be conscious of the restrictions around delivering a perishable, finished product in a busy city. During deliveries, you will be the face of Dandelion Chocolate and our local customers look forward to your arrival, having enjoyed your high level of guest service in all previous interactions, in person or otherwise. You are the master of time management and efficiently adapt your schedule to the day’s needs and the information flow of delivery requests from other teams. When a street is blocked off for an event, you aren’t flustered and strategically change your driving route -- the delivery will be completed even if you need to walk it there. Once your deliveries are completed for the day, you seamlessly join the team in fulfilling orders and look for new tasks to complete when you finish early. Your workspace is always in order and you take pride in keeping the Dandelion Chocolate van -- the “vandelion” -- in excellent working condition. Our ideal candidate is excited about the idea of creating their own daily schedule and the fact that no two days are ever the same.

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday at 7:00 am, and Sunday at 8:00 am.
Able to work independently and help the team achieve department goals.
Positive, helpful attitude with excellent attention to detail. Willing to accommodate last minute or tricky requests.
Basic computer skills and familiarity with Google Docs, spreadsheets, and Gmail.
Capable of lifting 50 lbs.
Clean driving record and valid California license. Doesn’t get flustered while driving in San Francisco.
Authorized to work in the U.S.
Comfortable with conversational spoken and written English

Skills/Experience Preferred


starts at $16.50/hour


subsidized medical, life, vision, and dental benefits as well as the option to enroll in our 401k program, paid vacation, and sick time


Saturday through Wednesday

Resume Required


Cover letter Required


Other Application Requirements