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We are a privately held, San Francisco-based creative company, designing and building unique experiences primarily for corporate clients, and we are growing!

Our staff is an inspired group of artists, craftspeople, designers, and project managers working together as One Hat One Hand. We collaborate with our clients every step of the way, taking pride in the talents and creative skills of our team and we work hard to produce seemingly impossible installations through thoughtful design, hands-on fabrication, and technology integration. Feel free to view some of the projects that have excited us over the years at

The Design and Project Manager incorporates aspects from Design, Project Management. The overarching scope for the Design and Project Manager is to ensure design and clear communication of deliverables.

Position in Organization:

Reports To: Chief Creative Director
Shared Responsibility For: Junior Designers according to project need and priority.
Budget Responsibilities: Project Estimates and Job Costing, personal Expense Report including clear documentation of time management.

Job Categories

  • Hours: Full-time
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  • Industry: Advanced Manufacturing
  • ,

Job Duties

Following are key duties and responsibilities of the Design Manager:
- Receive information and communicate with clients regarding project scope
- Present concepts, designs, budgets and schedules to client
- Communicate changes in design, budget and schedule to client
- Manage receipts and all expenses (credit card, account, amazon, subcontractor work);
- Work with Accounting to manage expenses on projects

Design :
- Produce visuals for client facing concept development
- Produce design development documents for client approvals, engineering and permitting
- Produce documentation for fabrication in-house and vendors
- Produce supporting documentation for installation and maintenance

Project Management:
- Coordinate schedule with Production Mgmt, Designers, Fabricators and Vendors
- Track Vendor and Design schedules, budgets and timelines
- Prepare documentation of budget impact for presentations
- Prepare final job report
- Compile final documentation of project (photos, designs, descriptions)

General Responsibilities :
- Maintain communication about design deliverables, schedule and budget across all teams throughout the project lifecycle.

Job Requirements

- Willing to travel and occasionally work during evenings, weekends or extended hours
- Positive attitude with tight deadlines and changing scopes
- Ability to problem solve through unknown design and management challenges
- Project Management: – Asana, Gantt charting, Gsuite, production, construction and engineering terminology
- Design – 3D modeling, Adobe CS, Gsuite – Standard production, architectural and engineering terminology

Skills/Experience Preferred

- Clear and concise written and spoken communication skills
- Present designs, budgets and schedules to clients and team members in a clear and concise way.
- Ability to communicate changes to these items positively in a timely fashion.
- Management of teams in order to successfully implement a design to completion.
- Knowledge of the materials, techniques and technologies required to implement the desired end product






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