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Advanced Prototype Engineering (APROE) is a San Francisco-based company specializing in prototyping new designs and the planning and set up of high-end machine shops. We offer a casual work environment in a great section of the Design District, a full machine shop, and have relationships with prominent Bay Area tech and design firms.

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Job Duties

We are seeking a “machine expert” who has extremely high level skills working with machine tools in a shop environment and who can teach others how to use tools.

The machine expert should be a seasoned shop user who has 15+ years of hands on experience working with metal and wood working machine tools. He or she should be an expert working with “basic” machine tools such as band saws, drill presses, table saws, sanders, etc and should also have experience on milling machines and lathes. Experience working with sheet metal tools, water jets, CNC machines and/or welding is a plus. Experience with 3D printers, laser cutters and other rapid prototyping tools is also a plus. The “machine expert” should feel comfortable approaching a machine he or she has not worked with before and confidently be able to figure out the basic operational features and steps for safe use.

This position involves teaching others how to use machine tools in one-on-one sessions and in a class of up to 5 people. The immediate need is to have a machine expert educate our technical writers on how to use machine tools so that the technical writers can create documentation on the safe use of the tools. The expert will be responsible for teaching the writer how to use the machine tool and will then need to read the document and provide feedback on how to improve accuracy in the document. There is also the potential to teach small classes of students on the use of various machine tools.

Job Requirements

- 15+ years of hands-on shop experience with both wood and metal tools
- Ability to approach an unknown machine tool and determine functionality using physical attributes and context clues
- Ability to clearly articulate the proper use of machine tools through verbal and written medium
- Positive attitude and interest in working closely with other people
- Ability to read and edit documents written about the machines and provide feedback in a constructive way.
- Ability to travel to shops around the bay area and nationally to assess and discuss tools in various locations

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