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Dandelion Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in San Francisco’s Mission District. We make chocolate from only two ingredients, cocoa beans and cane sugar, and travel to origins as often as we can to build good, trusting relationships with the producers who grow and ferment the beans we buy. We are a small but mighty organization who looks to our Facilities Manager to ensure a safe, well-tuned, positive, respectful workspace where the team can make world-class chocolate, host tours and classes, and warmly welcome guests each day.

About the Role
While the chocolate steals the spotlight, there’s an elaborate ecosystem of air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, wifi, security, permits, supplies, vehicles, and equipment leases that must be in tip-top shape across four locations and 40,000 total square feet for our teams to be successful. And more often than not, behind each pipe, filter, and motor, lies a valued network of long-standing partnerships with local companies, vendors, and experts whose last-minute goodwill means preventing a burst pipe from flooding the factory, removing last night’s graffiti before the paint has set, or ensuring that our months of chocolate won’t melt during an unexpected air conditioner snafu.

We live for the quiet Facilities days when everything flows, spins, flickers, and hums as planned, using that time to be for proactive maintenance and continuous improvement. We are constantly changing filters (cocoa dust accumulates quickly), inspecting pipes (our hot chocolates are rich and filled with natural cocoa butter), and performing spot checks (so many light bulbs!) to prevent downtime and catch issues early. You’ll inherit a maintenance calendar with playbooks, vendor contacts, and up-to-date procedures and you’ll be measured by operation uptime, budgets, the quality of your relationships, and the scalable systems that you oversee. While we have a Factory Mechanic who ensures our production equipment is running, your role encompasses the physical building and walls including permits, lights, filters, HVAC, security, and neighbor relationships.

And the holidays! Our holiday chocolate factory is magical with visitors, hot chocolates capped with marshmallows, sparkling parklet lights, a street piano, and lots of cakes and tarts requests for family holiday gatherings. We especially want to avoid downtime between October and December when we realize the majority of our annual revenue. In the summer, we are in overdrive to clean pipes, remove debris beneath the parklet, and to ensure we have extra transformers for all of our retail shelves.

About You
Our ideal Facilities Manager is a can-do problem solver who can roll with all of the surprises (and there are many!) with positivity and tenacity. While you’ll be working with vendors for most repairs and upkeep, you aren’t afraid to pick up a pair of pliers to tighten a loose bolt or to safely step on a ladder to inspect a vent. You’ll also have the backing of our Factory Mechanic who can provide a second set of eyes and tools. You have a natural sense of materials (how to keep wood, metal, brick, and steel surfaces at their best) and an impeccable sense of detail (noting when our cleaning crew overlooks some glass smudges).

Job Categories

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Job Duties

Your Day-To-day Entails:
- Daily operations. Oversee day-to-day facility care: regularly check in with all managers and inspect all US locations to ensure that our locations sparkle with a warm, welcoming aura. Coordinate with leadership for necessary repairs (e.g. café ice machine, espresso equipment, van repair), ensure our factory spaces have appropriate filters and lighting for production tasks, and maintain accurate logs of any operation downtime by location. Recurring maintenance calendars so we can be proactive and have minimal downtime across all locations. Provide weekly reports to managers with uptime metrics by location. Record maintenance expenses and submit receipts for monthly reconciliation.
- Night operations: Meet once every three weeks with the owner of our long-time janitorial company who maintains and cleans our locations at night, passing along any requests from our team. Double-check that they saw the cobwebs, got into crevices and that they are meeting everything on their nightly checklist. Provide weekly special assignments for deep clean areas, paint retouching, or other tasks. Support our night attendant who monitors cameras at night to prevent break-ins and graffiti by checking in once a week and helping him with any issues (e.g. making sure cameras are operating, updating him on night schedules). Coordinate early morning (4-5:30am) visits for vendors (e.g. pipe cleaning, kitchen maintenance, health inspections, fire alarm tests, pest control, graffiti touch-up, etc) so that most repairs are completed before the day begins, with workspaces free of dust or debris. About once a quarter, the alarm system will go off at night and you’ll be on the phone chain (with our night security guard and others being before you). If you are called, hop on our video surveillance to see if it’s a faulty battery or something more ominous that requires the police.
- Vendor oversight: We have an extensive network of vendors, some relationships stretching back ten years. These relationships are one of our most valuable assets and when emergencies arise, we’ve relied upon their goodwill and rapport for favors and prioritization. Continue to invest into these relationships (e.g. pro-tip: give each vendor chocolate on their way out), ask for quotes and seek approval for repairs exceeding $150/hr, have any necessary materials or instructions ready prior to their arrival, update internal facility playbooks with vendor contact information, write steps for debugging a problem (e.g. if icicles form in the refrigerator, defrost the freezer before calling refrigeration repair), log how much downtime took place to repair an issue, and give alert teams ahead of vendor visits so that they can anticipate someone wandering into their area when they aren’t there. After a job is completed, audit the work and ask for vendors to redo tasks when the quality isn’t at its best. When a new repair is required, research potential new vendors finding a vendor who is a good long-term fit with the factory.
- Office management (supplies, inventory, mail, bills, and organization): Order necessary supplies (e.g. filters, light bulbs, water filters) and tidy office spaces so that snacks (some team members would say this is the most important supply), paperclips, toilet paper, printer toner, batteries, office chargers, and cleaning supplies are easily located. Wipe down office spaces each morning and remove delivery boxes from thoroughfares so our working spaces are safe and efficient. Collect and sort daily mail while escalating any mail that our finance and exec team might need more urgently. Scan invoices and any important documents to our Intranet and categorize them appropriately.
- Material, return, and waste handling: Responsibly dispose of e-waste, paint, and special handling items (e.g. a mattress just appeared in the parklet overnight, glass shards, broken pallet) as necessary. Ensure that teams are recycling items properly to avoid Recology fines. Call the city to clean up encampment debris as necessary, report any dangerous waste in our neighborhoods through the SF 311 app. Help team with returns and donate or give away items to keep spaces clutter-free.
- Special events: Order breakfast and set up chairs in preparation for our recurring All Hands mornings. Help with cultural events like chocolate breakfast, garage sale day, or cleanup day. During December, we’ve also partnered with noteworthy chefs to host “12 Nights,” twelve evenings with chocolate-related activities, to support the SF/Marin Food Bank which requires coordination with our neighbors to decorate, ensure we have the permits to show “Willy Wonka,” and to make sure the Chandeliers are hung safely. All our 12 Night supplies are here from our storage warehouse. All dimmer switches, and the sparkly light remotes are working.
- Research and reports: Maintain and enhance playbooks, safety data sheets, log weekly uptime metrics, and continue to write documentation so that when a new issue comes up, the task will be easy to recover when it happens again. Send weekly reports to managers with facility uptime metrics and comparisons with last year’s metrics (we can help you with this) so we can track the health of our facilities year over year.
- Team relations: The kitchen might send a panic email at 5 am when their morning starts with a backed-up sink, a refrigerator making a funny noise, or the nightly cleaning crew missing something critical before an inspection. Monitor the [email protected] thread, Trello board, and text messages, and maintain a strong channel of communication, reassuring team members you’re on it with updates when you have a repair schedule time. Follow-up with vendors until the issue is resolved.
- Proactive maintenance: Dedicate approximately 15% of your time to forward-looking projects such as putting up new cameras, upgrading front door locks, installing anti-graffiti film, improving factory signage, or researching new systems to be better organized or efficient so that our facilities continue to improve each year.
- Oversee team: When necessary for the business, hire, mentor, and grow a team of Facilities Associates, balancing workloads, developing individual growth plans, setting goals and metrics, and providing ongoing feedback to reach quarterly team objectives.
- Other tasks as necessary

Job Requirements

- Mechanical aptitude: You’re not afraid to use a drill yet you know not to use a drill on tile or without making sure that any dust will be close to food preparation. You know when something is beyond your skill level and call a professional -- especially with electrical issues.
- Fearless dirty work: Unafraid of rolling up your sleeves and cleaning out gutters, grease traps, spider webs, trash, and other cardboards and questionables on the street. When the kitchen calls and says the sink isn’t flowing, you grab the plunger to see if you can do it yourself before reaching out to a vendor.
- Technical skills: Look up model numbers and serial numbers from team computers, safely transport electronics and equipment to repair centers. Some previous spreadsheet experience will serve you well with the day-to-day data entry where we maintain our machine and office logs though we can train anyone in a pinch. Be familiar with Amazon ordering and handling returns, Google suite, and Trello.
- Physical Strength: Lift 30-45 pounds regularly. We operate three locations across San Francisco. You might walk between locations 2-3 times which is a 7-8 block walk -- it’s a nice opportunity for a breath of air.
- Facilities know-how: you have an innate sense of materials and know not to use scotch tape on wood, read instructions for cleaning fluids (never mixing ammonia and bleach), know not to store a wet mop flat on the ground, and if a repair is scheduled, proactively think about putting down paper on floors or protecting delicate upholstered furniture in our space.
- Team player: you’ll be working with multiple teams and personalities in a professional environment where you will prioritize projects on the fly and let teams know when their projects aren’t the highest priority, “Well, I’m going to get to this but it’s going to be next week? Is that okay?” Previous experience in a friendly professional environment or in another team-oriented setting will serve you well.
- Spanish: While not a requirement, conversational Spanish skills are a plus.
- Authorized to work in the U.S.

Skills/Experience Preferred



The benefits and perks continue beyond a robust chocolate education. Dandelion Chocolate constantly invests in our people and culture. All team members receive heavily subsidized medical, vision, and dental benefits as well as the option to enroll in our 401k program. All team members receive paid vacation time, holiday pay, and paid sick time. In addition, our team members enjoy commuter benefits, FSAs, chocolate tasting opportunities, and a range of opportunities to grow and develop within the company.



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Other Application Requirements

Dandelion is growing and we are invested in employees who take ownership over their role and are interested in contributing in a bigger way with us. You will stand out from the crowd if your resume is accompanied by a cover letter with a few sentences about the best team you’ve worked with and why it worked so well. We look forward to hearing from you! In accordance with the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records for employment.