Food Production Assistant

Company Overview


Founded in 2003, SFRAW is the largest resource in California for people that feed their pets fresh food. We offer our own brand of locally-made pet treats, prepared raw pet foods, herbals, supplements and therapeutic remedies (SFRAW Apothecary line), as well as an unsurpassed selection of exceptional whole food ingredients for people that make their own (DIY) cooked or raw pet food at home or follow prey-model, BARF or other styles of feeding. With a focus on local, pastured, grass-finished and organic producers, SFRAW has every animal’s best interest at heart. SFRAW was founded by an idealist with the goal to help animals, humans and the environment by improving the health and wellness of all beings through nutrition and natural husbandry. Member-supported community of people that feed raw or cooked fresh food diets to their pets. We support local family farms that practice humane, organic, sustainable and pastured farming methods. We have a HUGE variety of high quality meats, bones, offal, prepared foods, seafood, seasonal products, books, sundries & supplements.

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Job Duties

Job Requirements

Daily and General Responsibilities

Receive, unload, organize, and put away product deliveries
Arrange and merchandise products in the walk-in freezer/cooler and retail display cases
Restock front display cases with proper rotation of stock to ensure older product is moved up/out as new/fresh product comes in and to keep all spaces orderly and well organized
Understand and follow instructions; prepare recipes and complete tasks as written or shown
Clean and sanitize equipment; do dishes and properly clean all equipment used in food preparation/production
Ensure that all raw food items received are of exceptional quality and correct quantity
Inspect all meat products at every stage for any conformity problems, and ensure that management is notified of any issues and that any non-conformance products are isolated or discarded properly
Ensure that food products are prepared and packaged by following the highest standards of quality, cleanliness and hygiene
Ensure a safe working environment by maintaining cleanliness and order and alerting management of any possible issues or concerns immediately
Perform preventative and general maintenance on food production equipment
Maintain a spotless work area at all times with special attention paid to end of shift clean-up
Maintain organization and cleanliness of the warehouse space, walk-in freezer, cooler and retail areas
Bring out trash, recycling, compost and keep these areas clean and organized
Monitor meat case temperatures

Refer to production schedule and special work orders to determine amount and type of products to be processed and/or organized/prepared for pick-up or delivery
Communicate to management when product, supplies or inventory is low/needs to be ordered in a timely manner
Safely defrost frozen products; maintain proper temperatures of all raw meat/poultry products
Brake down cuts of beef, turkey, duck, chicken, pork, lamb, rabbit, and fish products for resale, special orders, and for recipes/production
Prepare raw materials by meticulously removing all packaging/ties and cut them into standardized portions, or as needed for processing (slicing or grinding)

Prepare specialty products; custom orders, special requests, and the regular weekly production of our own brand of food products with the highest standards of safety and cleanliness
Make use of scales to weigh meat before and after each process and ensure that each stage is done properly for our recipes and special requests
Calibrate food processing machines and ensure that they are set correctly for each processing procedure
Use knives, grinder/mixer and slicer to perform cutting, mixing and grinding activities properly with attention to proper functioning of the machinery and safety to ensure all cut and chopped meats are prepared according to our standards
Prepare food in accordance to recipes accurately
Pack cleaned and processed meat into appropriate/requested packaging, ensuring that it is covered properly to maintain freshness/vacuum sealed in various sized bags
Create or acquire labels for each packet by ensuring that type, pack date, price and food safety is mentioned on them
Operate food processing equipment with high attention to detail for product uniformity, safety and unparalleled quality
Package and assemble food products for retail; label, date and store fresh/frozen food products; oversee member/volunteers that are helping with packaging activities
Perform duties on the packaging line by labelling, packing, weighing, dating products correctly
Label and price packaged food items appropriately and according to standard protocols

Skills/Experience Preferred

Do you love animals and preparing healthy food for them?  This could be the job for you!

Must love dogs of all sizes
Provide friendly, helpful, and considerate assistance to clientele
Work well with a small team or kind-hearted, hard-working animal lovers; willingly jump in to help complete any project or task, as needed
Able to read and write in English
Be reliable, on-time, and responsible for your work.
Detail oriented, trustworthy, and hard-working.
Food handlers card or professional food handling/production (specifically meat/butchery) experience a plus
Interest in sustainable agriculture, organic, natural, local foods and culinary arts would be ideal


Base starting hourly wage $15.00/hr; with experience/ability and skill-level and after training period possibility of wage increase.


Paid sick leave up to 40 hrs. begin accruing first day of work at the rate of 1 hour for every 30 hours worked. Paid vacation up to 40 hrs. begin accruing after 90 days at the rate of 1 hour for every 30 hours worked. Workers’ compensation insurance covers work related injuries, with option to see personal physician 25% discount on all products for sale, with option to deduct bill from wages Option to place orders for food and household items from United Natural Foods using SF Raw’s wholesale account. Free snacks and drinks from the current inventory during work hours.


35 hours a week

Resume Required


Cover letter Required


Other Application Requirements