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Mission Bicycle

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Mission Bicycle Company was opened in 2008 to help people create their own beautiful, functional, and personalized custom bikes. Each bike is designed by its rider around our unique frame set and then assembled by hand, right here in San Francisco. Either in person or online, we walk our customers through every step of designing a bike that fits their needs and personality.

As a small bike manufacturer we specialize in urban riding and city commuting but our builds have lots of possibilities. We also manage a retail space where we sell urban bike gear, parts, soft goods, and facilitate bike services like flat fixes.

We are a small team that is passionate about cycling in all of its forms and would like to see as many people riding as possible!

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Job Duties

FIRST IMPRESSION - You might think that years of bike shop knowledge and quick skills with a wrench are what you need to start working at a shop, but that’s not necessarily the case with this job.

The main functions for this role are customer service and bicycle sales. You will greet people as they enter the shop, strike up conversations and share information about the products we sell and why we like them.

You will also be responsible for answering any phone calls, emails, or IM's that we receive and you can expect a wide array of questions. Writing skills are important, but again you don't need to know everything about bikes to provide a great answer. You can always check with one of us or just do a little digging online. As time goes by we hope you enjoy learning about the bike industry through contact with our customers and co-workers.

BIKE DESIGNER - Designing a bike can be daunting. We are here to help guide our customers through the vast amount of decisions to be made during the process. We'll give you the tools you need to help them along and to ultimately determine if our bike is the right fit for them.

BIKE SALES - Most of the people that walk through our doors have already decided they need a Mission Bicycle. So at that point it's simply walking them through our process. However, some people have never heard of us before and it's up to us to show them who we are and why we may be a great option.

We don’t want you to be a used car salesperson, so the hard sell is not what we're going for. Instead, we let our products and our customer service speak for themselves. Ultimately, we want to get everyone riding a bike whether it's with us or not, but we do work hard to let everyone know why our bikes are great!

SHIPPING DEPARTMENT - Every day we box up and ship bicycles and soft goods all over the place. We could use a hand in packing 'em up and shipping 'em out. Attention to detail here is key.

RENTALS - We rent bikes nearly every day to travelers from around the world. Let's make their bike ride the highlight of the trip.

Well, that's the idea! This job involves creative problem solving, logistics, replenishing inventory, research, merchandising and occasionally working special events, so it can be a lot. It can also be a great learning experience if you’re looking to get into the bike industry. As a team of 5-8 we all wear a lot of hats and at times we will probably ask you to do the same. We all pitch in, we take garbage out, we sweep, we work fast, and we give it our all with the common goal of seeing more people riding bikes!

Job Requirements

- Strong customer service skills
- Writing skills
- Good phone etiquette
- Creative problem solving
- Ability to multi-task
- Willing to pitch in wherever needed

Skills/Experience Preferred


$17-$19 (depending on your plug and play skill set)


We'll cover half of your health insurance premiums after 3 months. Sick days accrue in accordance to CA law. Coming from the East Bay? Your transit is tax free. 50% off the coolest bike gear in the world. A flexible schedule and all the pour over coffee you can drink.


This is an hourly (10:30 AM - 7:00 PM) job, includes 4 weekend days a month, 1 weekend day a week.

Resume Required


Cover letter Required


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