Hummus Prep, Production and Packaging (Part-Time, Fridays only)

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Obour Foods

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A finance geek by trade, I founded Obour Foods in August of 2017 after years of dissatisfaction with the mass-produced hummus that was out there on shelves. The store-bought brands are all filled with preservatives, concentrates, and powders - stuff that doesn't belong in hummus, let alone any of the food we eat! Obour takes hummus and tahini back to its roots, then takes those roots and turns them into something never been done before. You won't be disappointed, promise.

Job Categories

  • Hours: Part-time
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  • Industry: Food and Beverage
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  • Position is Entry-level
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Job Duties

- Prep: Cooking beans in stock-pots, peeling and roasting veggies using commercial equipment, measuring and prepping ingredients.
- Production: Make hummus and tahini using commercial equipment.
- Packaging: Filling jars with hummus, and all associated clean up (dishwashing, mopping floors, etc.)

Job Requirements

- Previous culinary/restaurant experience a plus. Must be able to accurately measure liquids and spices.
- Great attitude and good work ethic (dependability and punctuality is a must. The owner isn't afraid to wash dishes and mop the floors so you shouldn't be either)
- Must be able to take direction as well as give direction
- You're a quick and efficient worker with the ability to multi-task. You excel at optimizing your efficiency across repetitive processes in a large-batch food manufacturing environment.
- Organized, proactive and a self-starter. Once you understand the process, you don't stand around waiting to be told what to do.
- Able to stand on your feet for a full day and capable of managing heavy stock-pots and 35lb boxes of hummus containers.
- Strong attention to detail and cleanliness, especially in a commercial kitchen environment.

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Fridays: 7:30am - 4pm

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