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Company Overview

ViaeX Technologies

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ViaeX is a seed funded Bay Area start-up with a mission to deliver high performance, sustainable materials designed to make the world better for generations to come.

We have created a platform that currently utilizes Chitosan, an abundant biowaste that has been shown to have enormous potential by researchers in leading universities across the world. The algorithms and chemistries that we have developed enable us to make targeted changes to the polymeric chemistry of Chitosan and create novel material that is optimized for various applications.

Job Categories

  • Hours: Part-time
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  • Industry: Advanced Manufacturing
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Job Duties

- Perform lab activities, such as setting up lab equipment and preparing chemical solutions.
- Create testable samples from large filter membrane sheets
- Assess the permeability of filter media
- Conduct antibacterial tests with nonpathogenic E. Coli
- Follow instructions and lab protocols provided by Senior Scientist
- Assist in collecting Data, and report to Senior Scientist for data analysis and interpretation

Job Requirements

- Good data collection, organization and recording skills
- Experience with general chemistry lab techniques
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Requires the ability to work proactively, independently and within a highly interactive team. Must have professional proficiency in computer use including various software and must be able to learn equipment-specific protocols as needed for operating laboratory equipment. Please include the word "ocean" somewhere on your CV to ensure you read the application till the very end.

Required education:
B.S. or M.S.
students preferred

Skills/Experience Preferred

Preferred: knowledge of fluid dynamics and bacteria growth






Resume Required


Cover letter Required


Other Application Requirements