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Company Overview

Andytown Coffee Roasters

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Founded in March of 2014 in the Outer Sunset, Andytown is committed to sourcing, roasting, and brewing the best coffee we can while offering the comfort and hospitality of a granny’s kitchen. We believe that specialty coffee is for everyone to enjoy and our dedication to customer service has created a loyal following of people from all walks of life.

At Andytown, we are committed to creating good jobs. We value diversity and always consider job applicants based on work experience, qualifications, and talent. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. We consider all qualified applicants in accordance with the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance.

Job Categories

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Job Duties

I. Overview.

Andytown Lead Bakers act as a primary point of support for the Manager to ensure that all duties are carried out efficiently and that the bakery operations run smoothly. The Lead Baker acts as a leader in the space and leads by example to complete tasks in food preparation, quality control, and cafe cleanliness, as well as supporting other areas. This position functions in a production capacity and is a part of the retail team. This position reports to the department-specific General Manager.

II. Responsibilities & Kitchen Practices
– Arrive on time, ready to work at the start of your shift.
– Work as an integral part of the bakery team to produce the highest quality products with accuracy and a sense of urgency.
– Take ownership of the bakery and bakery products – ensuring all items are made to Andytown QC standards and guarantee the quality of all items. If an item doesn’t meet Andytown standards for taste, structure, and visual appeal discard and remake, and communicate the QC issue to your manager.
– Complete training for bakery deliveries and share the responsibility of delivery shifts.
– This position will evolve as the needs of your department change.
– You will sometimes be asked to complete tasks or projects that are not included in this list.

– Act as a leader in the bakery – demonstrate a commitment to honing your baking skills and completing all kitchen tasks at the highest level of competency, while producing high-quality products and optimizing for high-volume production.
– Lead by example in the areas of quality control and cafe cleanliness.

– Assists the Manager with inventory for ingredients, dairy, and supplies as needed.
– Assists the Manager with ordering vendor-specific ingredients.
– Communicate daily operational updates to the Manager.
– Is available for last-minute shift coverage, including the possibility of working a double shift or working on a scheduled day off.

– Maintain the highest level of cleanliness in the kitchen and storage areas.
– Demonstrate and correct the team as needed to adhere to food-safe standards for clothing/uniform and hygiene (hair is pulled back/tied up, no open-toed shoes, no nail polish/rings/dangly jewelry, clothes are clean, your apron is tied securely, etc.).
– Uphold health department standards and understand what to do in case of health inspection.
– Learn and maintain knowledge of all Andytown products, recipes, food preparation, quality control standards, customer accommodations, and allergy information.
– Assist with training for new hires, including but not limited to essential skill development; assesses new hire skill level; work alongside Manager to ensure that new bakers are producing product in line with Andytown QC standards.

– Maintain the highest level of cleanliness in the café, kitchen, and storage areas.
– Adhere to food-safe standards for clothing/uniform and hygiene (hair is pulled back/tied up, no open-toed shoes, no nail polish/rings/dangly jewelry, clothes are clean, your apron is tied securely, etc.).
– Consolidate all containers throughout the day as you work and before leaving your shift
– Cater wrap all items thoroughly - sheet trays, delis, etc.
– All ingredient containers must be restocked and/or consolidated when low - this should be done throughout the day as you work and again before you leave your shift.
– Wash dishes thoroughly and often throughout the day.
– Keep counters and workstations clean and consolidated.
– Uphold health department standards and understand what to do in case of health inspection.

– At the start of your shift, fill out the weekly prep list spreadsheets before starting any other tasks.
– At the start of your shift, use prep list spreadsheets to write daily prep lists before starting any other tasks.

– All vendor deliveries must be opened, put away, labeled, organized, and FIFOed correctly – this is the responsibility of all bakers, not only leads and/or managers.
– Label all containers clearly. Label with Sharpie in large, legible handwriting, with the full name and specific flavor included (YES: “shredded cheddar” NO: “shredded cheese”). Always include the date the item was made/processed/unpacked.
– FIFO all wet, dry, and perishable ingredients and/or products.

– Wash and/or dry-clean special tools using the proper technique to avoid any damage. For example pastry brushes and knives/sharps must be washed by hand and cannot soak in water / rolling pins, wooden pastry boards, and other wooden tools must be wiped down with damp cloths and dried immediately and cannot soak in water / wooden bread shaping boards must be thoroughly scraped with bench knife to remove all dried dough and flour bits and cannot be washed in the sink or soak in water / etc.
– Ovens must be wiped down inside to remove crumbs and melted/charred food debris. Oven racks must be scrubbed and washed to remove charred food residue drippings. Oven walls, doors, and windows must be scraped with a razor tool to remove built-up grease splatter. The outside surfaces and vents must be wiped down regularly to avoid grease and dust build-up.
– All small appliances (tabletop mixer, robot coupe, vita-mix, etc.) must be scrubbed with a soapy sponge and towel dried and/or wiped down with sanitized rag after every use.
– All griddles must be wiped down, de-greased, scraped with a razor tool, and/or exfoliated with grill brick on a regular basis to remove grease build-up.
– All fridges must be thoroughly wiped down, inside and out daily. All fridge exterior vents must be vacuumed once a week to avoid dust build-up.

III. Accountability & Communication
– Follow all procedures according to Andytown standards and instructions.
– Complete daily tasks based on the lists given to you by your Manager and Assistant Manager.
– Provide constructive feedback to co-workers and supervisors.
– Communicates daily operations updates directly to your supervisor.
– Communicates equipment issues as soon as you are aware of them to your supervisor.
– Always communicate quality issues with your supervisor so they can help troubleshoot errors.
– When challenges arise, you resolve them with your best judgment and/or the help of your supervisors.
– Communicate with customers in a respectful manner, creating a welcoming space for everyone.
– Communicate with your manager or HR about any concerns regarding your working environment.
– Participate in regular check-ins with your manager.
– Take ownership of your position and communicate any relevant work-related personal and supply needs to your manager.
– Think on your feet to balance priorities and communicate realistic timeframes for assigned tasks.

Mandatory Bakery Communication
– Always announce your location loudly when navigating the kitchen – “behind / above / reaching / knife / sharp / corner” etc.
– Always “roger back” bread orders and other callouts.
– Practice active communication on slack – send all updates as needed and roger back to group messages

IV. Culture and Values.
– Learn, understand, and uphold Andytown values.
– Promote a safe and welcoming workplace.
– Be open to active, two-way communication with your team and supervisors.
– Be a part of the company culture at your location:
• Teamwork. Be part of the team and stay focused on the goal – making delicious food and drinks with a sense of urgency, delivering excellent customer service, and respecting the cafe and each other.
• Leadership. Be a leader and lead by example.
• Boundaries. Understand and respect the expectations and boundaries within your role.
• Accessibility. Show up. Be at your location when expected and be available for your team.
• Approachability. Say hey. Greet your coworkers, greet your supervisors, greet your customers.
• Stability. Use company policies and procedures to create consistency and structure.
• People Focused. Demonstrate tolerance and respect.
• Appreciate. Acknowledge when your team and colleagues have successes.

Working Conditions
Flexible work hours including weekends, early mornings, and evenings.

Job Requirements

Baking (including bread-making): 2 years required

Physical Requirements.

Ability to traverse all parts of the cafe quickly. Consistent with its obligations under the law, Andytown will provide reasonable accommodation to any employee with a disability who requires accommodation to perform the essential functions of the job. Additional requirements include the following.
– Ability to do repetitive work.
– Comfortability working in a small space close to others in a fast-paced environment.
– Ability to lift 25-50 pounds.
– Ability to stand up to 8+ hours.

Skills/Experience Preferred


$20 - $23 (DOE) per hour (+ tips)


Options to join Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance OR SF Medical Reimbursement Account, options to join Cal Savers IRA, and options to join commuter and flexible savings account after 60 days of employment. Sick pay starts accruing on the first day of hire and can be used after the 90th day of employment.


Full-time, weekend availability required

Resume Required


Cover letter Required


Other Application Requirements