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We are a growing team of coffee and food professionals dedicated to serving amazing coffee and decadent pastries in San Francisco. Founded in March of 2014 in the Outer Sunset, Andytown is dedicated to sourcing, roasting, and brewing the best coffee we possibly can while also offering the comfort and hospitality of granny's kitchen. We are firm believers that specialty coffee and food is something for everyone to enjoy and our dedication to customer service has created a loyal following of people from all walks of life.

We are hiring a full-time Lead Production Assistant to join the production team at our roastery in the Outer Sunset! No prior experience in the coffee industry is required, we welcome folks with a passion for coffee, teamwork, organization, and dedication to high-quality products to apply. This role will start at $20/hr for a period of training up to one month (set out clearly at the time of the job offer), on delivery driving and production assistant duties, and then finally lead production assistant duties, before increasing to $24/hr upon successful completion of this period of training. Job perks include working with a professional and fun-loving team, an amazing snack selection, health, dental, and vision benefits, the option to join CalSavers Roth IRA, the option to have commuter benefits and a flexible savings account for dependent care, accommodating employee schedules, paid time off, and access to all the coffee you can drink!

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Job Duties

Lead Production Assistant Job Description and Goals:
- You arrive on time and are ready to work at the start of your shift
- Be accountable to your manager and your team when you make mistakes, and assist the Production Floor Manager and Director of Coffee Production in catching any issues as early in the process as possible.
- Set production runs with an eye for detail; report any anomalies to Production Floor Manager
- Creation of delivery sheets for the delivery team
- Print shipping labels with correct postage & packing slips.
- Create & print invoices/packing slips for wholesale orders.
- Handle inventory transfers between cafes.
- Resolving mistakes with online orders.
- Fulfill customer orders; prep tags and bags for the next day’s orders.
- Assist the Production Floor Manager in inventory counts and ordering
- Assist the Production Floor Manager in dealing with hiccups in production as they arise
- Take ownership of the orders e-mail, maintaining organization, and ensuring no orders are missed. Checking it at the beginning and end of each shift.
- Assist the Production Floor Manager in training new hires on various production tasks and best equipment practices; provide hands-on step-by-step instruction; always explaining ‘why’ while sharing the most efficient workflow; retraining as necessary; addressing issues with work flow as they arise.
- Assist the Production Floor Manager in shift coverage as needed for delivery and production assistant shifts. Right now production is S-F, but this sometimes means working a long day, or this may mean working on your day off.
- Make sure your team is fully staffed with the Production Floor Manager’s help; that everyone is well-supported and performing their jobs well, that there is a supportive team attitude and company values are being reflected
- Receiving deliveries according to our receiving procedures once trained—ensuring every delivery that enters the space is complete & not damaged; reporting anything that’s amiss.
- Ensuring new systems are adopted across the team, communicating new procedures as necessary
- Ensuring everyone takes breaks and understands break laws
- Handling equipment issues—reporting them to the Production Floor Manager immediately
- Report any issues to the Production Floor Manager & Director of Coffee Production through the use of a daily log in Slack
- Once we have a location-specific training manual, updating this training manual as needed
- Wholesale partners receive amazing customer service and enjoy a beautifully packaged and delicious product.
- Daily tasks are completed based on the lists given to you by your manager
- Batch out next day’s roast
- Operate and maintain equipment and machines; assist Production Floor Manager with troubleshooting issues as they occur.
- Restock supplies and alert the Production Floor Manager when low on items
- Come up with a plan to meet each day’s volume with the help of the Production Floor Manager; ensure it is carried out efficiently to the best of your ability
- Ensure that the production floor is clean and tidy throughout your shift and before you go home.
- When challenges arise, resolve them with the help of your teammates and manager
- Follow Andytown’s management philosophy of leading by example, promoting a welcoming and diverse workplace
- In addition to the above goals, you will sometimes be asked to complete tasks that are not on the above list. Always let your supervisor know if something that’s not on this list becomes part of your regular responsibilities

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:
- A positive attitude and professional demeanor
- Proficiency in customer service
- Ability to take responsibility for mistakes, big or small, be transparent with teammates, and work to resolve them with the help of the Production Floor Manager
- Positive communications skills: the ability to correct actions the moment issues arise/accept and provide ongoing feedback from your supervisor and teammates.
- Kind teacher, facilitator, effective communicator, and willing to always work on your communication skills, you like sharing knowledge and like learning, are able to meet others where they are at
- Provide a safe workplace for all employees
- A current driver’s license and willingness to drive around the city and on freeways, and double parking.
- Will need to stand on a ladder to retrieve, restock, and organize supplies, as well as clean parts of our equipment.
- Ability to perform repetitive work, including driving, scooping, and sealing bags
- Remain attentive and engaged through repetitive tasks
- Comfortability working in a small space in close proximity to others
- Comfortability working in a loud space with continual machinery noise
- Ability to lift 50 pounds; always lifting heavier objects with a team member
- Ability to stand up to 8+ hours every shift
- Sometimes will need to bend, crouch, kneel and reach over-head, to complete tasks

Skills/Experience Preferred

Experience in the coffee industry is not required, but is always a plus!


Starting hourly rate of $20, with an increase to $24 upon completion of training.


Benefits include health, dental, and vision benefits or the San Francisco MRA, the option to join CalSavers Roth IRA, commuter benefits, flexible savings account, and PTO


This is a full-time position, currently with an M-F schedule. The schedule is subject to change based on the needs of the department, and we expect the schedule to shift more permanently to S-Th sometime within the next year. Overtime must be approved by the employees supervisor.

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