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Manufacturing & Delivery team

Our Manufacturing & Delivery team is the backbone of our company, and we are looking to add individuals to our growing team who have an attention to detail, exceptional work ethic, a love for hands-on manufacturing. The M&D team is responsible for delivering the highest quality products to our customers in a timely and efficient manner.

Manufacturing teammate

The Bryr Manufacturing teammate is a team player who loves to work with their hands in a job that is predominately physical. As a teammate, you will join the team with a passion for making high quality products and professional technical experience with clog or shoe making. We are excited to teach you our specific techniques and learn from you!

This job is meant for you if you’re a focused, efficient and detail-oriented person, who loves to make beautiful products and has a professional background in clog or shoe making. This is meant for you if you love refining your craft through repetition and continuous improvement. Our Manufacturing teammates thrive in team oriented places and love contributing to the success of the company.

People who prefer working solo, default to a ‘no’, lack self awareness, and who do not prioritize quality, safety and efficiency need not apply.

As a Manufacturing Teammate, you will be responsible for working with the team to deliver the highest quality products to our customers in the most safe, efficient and productive way. As a manufacturing teammate you will be responsible for executing the following manufacturing techniques, including stapling, lasting, cutting, prep and finishing, and learning basic knowledge of materials.

You are part of a great team, and an important part of your job is collaborating productively with the whole team to meet your team's goals together. You will be trained on how we work together to deliver our product to our customers in a timely and efficient manner.

Ultimately, we are looking for someone who has a passion for making beautiful products, loves finding innovative solutions and helps to evolve the way we do things to make our products better and better, supports their coworkers, and is wholeheartedly enthusiastic about growing with our business. If this is you, we can’t wait to meet you!

Job Categories

  • Hours: Full-time
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  • Industry: Apparel and Sewn Goods
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Job Duties

- Executes all of our manufacturing processes safely, efficiently and to our high standards, including but not limited to cutting, stapling, prep, lasting and finishing.
- Learn any new processes that we add to our production system, and give input to the continued evolution of our processes.
- Quality control of materials, including check-in, trouble-shooting and inspection of leather and bases.
- Quality control of our production, including following our 360-bounce-back quality control process to ensure the best possible quality of our product.
- Contributes to the production space and communal spaces clean, organized and safe for everyone to use.
- Monitors inventory levels and bubbles up to Manufacturing Manager when we need to order. Assists with orders from time to time.
- On occasion, assists the production manager with machine and procedure research and installation as needed.
- Contributes suggestions in how to make our processes and products evolve and improve over time.
- Assists with inventory intake: inspecting, receiving and recording materials, notifying production teammates when there are any issues or it’s time to reorder materials
- Contributes to the overall business culture and growth using our Culture Guide as a tool for self-reflection and an ongoing commitment to self-growth, the growth in others, and the growth of the company.
- Contributes to the overall culture and business growth by participating in or leading improvement committees and projects when needed.
- Works at Bryr seasonal events
- Assists with other projects as they arise

Job Requirements

- Technical mastery of clog making techniques, including lasting, stapling, cutting, prep, finishing
- Ability to make complete clog within allotted time (we will share more on this in the interview process)
- Technical understanding of materials, including leather and bases
- Be excited about your professional growth and willing to learn new things

Physical Demands
This position is a manual job and involves physical labor, including but not limited to:
- Standing (approx 5-6 hours per day)
- Walking
- Ability to see detail
- Lifting up to 25 lbs.
- Hammering
- Pulling
- Cutting

Skills/Experience Preferred

- Minimum 1 year experience in professional manufacturing of clogs
- Additional experience: professional manufacturing of leather goods, cut and sew garments, home goods or other applicable product


Entry level pay range for this position is $23.50-$25.50/hour, depending on experience, skill and expertise level


We offer a benefits package to all our full time employees which commences after a 60 day probation period that includes the following. We will share more in-depth information regarding the benefits package during the interview process: Employee 401K profit sharing; company matches 100% of employee contributions up to the first 3% of pay and then 50% of employee contributions on the next 2% of pay Health, Dental and Vision benefits; company covers 60% of the premium and 40% of dependent coverage Life insurance and vision benefits; company covers 100% of the premium; Employee accrued vacation pay, starting at 80 hours for 1st year and increasing to 120 hours on 2nd anniversary. Sick hours accrued as per SF mandate. 10 company holidays, Commuter benefits, Clog allowance and Friends & Family discount.


Full-time, 8am-4:30pm

Resume Required


Cover letter Required


Other Application Requirements