Manufacturing Technician Level 1

Company Overview


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We are a small company, founded in 2014, by a solid team of accomplished engineers, with expertise in CAD/CAM, 3D printing, 3D graphics, robotics, embedded systems, and systems engineering, with a track record of building successful teams at world class companies.

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  • Position is Entry-level
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Job Duties

Seriforge is looking for a manufacturing technician to handle fabric and thread materials. Ideal candidates are good at performing tasks with their hands, have attention to detail, and are able instructions reliably.

● Pick up fabric pieces and stack fabric in correct locations according to instructions
● Thread needles and wrap thread on spools
● Perform additional tasks as directed.

Job Requirements

Must be able to handle small pieces of fabric and thread
Will typically work in a production environment and use protective gear such as safety glasses, goggles, gloves, and shop coats.
Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision, as well as collaborate in a team environment to complete production objectives in a timely manner.
Must always follow strict safety guidelines to avoid accidents.
Be organized and pay close attention to detail, as finalized parts must conform to customer requirements.
Physical Requirements and Work Environment
Work is performed on a production floor, with some office/computer me.
Must be able to stand on their feet for several hours at a time.
Must be able to li and carry up to 20lbs.
Minimum Requirements
High school diploma or equivalent.

Skills/Experience Preferred


$17-$20 DOE


Industry competitive equity and benefits



Resume Required


Cover letter Required


Other Application Requirements