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Founded in 2011, AethLabs (rhymes with “math labs”) is a close-knit company of 6 full-time employees that manufactures air quality monitoring instrumentation. Our instruments support scientific research, governmental decision making, and industry-wide efforts related to improving public health and climate by providing users with a better understanding of health- and climate-relevant air quality -- locally and world-wide. We are proud to work with partners like the US EPA, NASA, and academic researchers around the world at the forefront of pollution measurement in a time when climate change threatens to increase wildfires and related pollution events in California and abroad. (Note: this is not an endorsement by our partners.)

Equal Opportunity Employer. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, women, gender non-conforming people, persons with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ people, veterans, and adults of all ages are strongly encouraged to apply. In accordance with the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records for employment.

**The office is located on the second floor of a shared office building and is currently only accessible by climbing a flight of stairs.

Job Categories

  • Hours: Full-time
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  • Industry: Advanced Manufacturing
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  • Position is Entry-level
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Job Duties

Position Summary:

The Manufacturing Technician is a new position at AethLabs and handles product assembly, testing and quality assurance, inventory management support, as well as product shipping and receiving. The Manufacturing Technician will work with a team of experts in engineering, data science, air quality, and design. While several team members can perform their duties from home, the Manufacturing Technician will be responsible for carrying out their activities in the AethLabs office in San Francisco and will be needed in the office full-time, 5 days per week. All are expected to carefully observe COVID-19 safety guidelines both in and out of the office, including the extended use of face coverings while in the office.

A successful candidate for this position will be a highly-organized person with a keen sense of detail, but will also be capable of thinking broadly about how details fit into the big picture of our work. We are a closely-knit team of high-achievers and self-drivers, and this position requires an energetic candidate with a strong sense of responsibility and self-motivation. A successful candidate will have and be willing to build upon skills in key functions of our business. There is room for growth in this role, as we see it evolving into a future management position with additional responsibilities.

Job Requirements

Essential job functions:

Manufacturing - 85%
- Product assembly (will be trained)
- Product testing and quality assurance
- Product service and testing (optional)
- Document new processes and practices
- Production and product record keeping
- Operation of 3D printers
- Operation of laser cutter
- Parts cleaning with ultrasonic bath
- Tool management, maintenance, and safety
- Manufacturing workspace organization and cleanliness
- Learn and implement quality control processes
- Product testing

Inventory and Distribution - 15%
- Order fulfillment
- Inventory management support
- Inventory record keeping
- Receipt and shipment of packages
- Bill of material management

Skills/Experience Preferred

Knowledge & Skills:
- Detail-oriented and organized
- Self motivated and responsible
- Excellent prioritization of tasking
- Documentation and record keeping
- Strong communicator and team-player
- Ability to devise and keep a schedule to meet deadlines
- Problem solving and coordination skills
- Familiarity with engineering drawings, CAD, specification / data sheets (desired)
- Tool organization and experience with safe tool use
- Workspace cleanliness and organization
- General electronics soldering (optional)

Education & Experience:
- No minimum education credentials
- Professional or personal experience in a related technical field, or other manufacturing role
- Safe use of tools and machinery

Software fluency:
Similar or equivalent software experience is acceptable
[1= Used frequently, 5= Used infrequently]
- MacOS [1]
- Windows [3]
- Gmail [1]
- Google G Suite [1]
- Microsoft Office / Microsoft Office 365 [2]
- Zoom [2]


$45,000 - $65,000 per year depending on experience


We offer lots of opportunity for job growth, a competitive salary, and the following benefits: Full medical and dental insurance, eligible first of the month after three months of employment; 9 paid holiday days throughout the year (fixed company schedule); Vacation hours accrued: 120 hours earned throughout the year in bi-monthly payment periods at a rate of 5 hours per pay period (maximum balance of 96 hours); Sick leave hours accrued: 56 hours earned throughout the year in bi-monthly payment periods at a rate of 2.33 hours per pay period (maximum balance of 48 hours) ● Discretionary, company-wide, 10 days paid winter holiday (fixed company schedule); 401k with dollar for dollar contribution match up to 4% of salary, and discretionary end of year additional 401k dollar for dollar contribution match up to 4% of salary (determined on an annual basis). 401k Administration and recordkeeping costs are paid by the Company. Individual investment fund fees are paid by the participant. Discretionary variable end of the year 401k profit sharing bonus (determined on annual basis); Commuter Check program (; Discretionary variable end of the year bonus (determined on an annual basis), eligible after the first full year of employment; Charitable contribution match up to $200 / yr; An equitable work environment based on open communication and participatory decision making; A company commitment to address systemic inequality; Gorgeous, spacious office with skylights and exposed wooden beams at the intersection of Valencia and Mission Streets in San Francisco



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