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Dandelion Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in San Francisco’s Mission District. We make chocolate from only two ingredients, cocoa beans and cane sugar, and travel to origins as often as we can to build good, trusting relationships with the producers who grow and ferment our beans. We are currently seeking a dishwasher and busser for our café and factory on 16th Street. At Dandelion, our dishwasher is as important to our daily success as our chocolate makers and baristas.

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Job Duties

You spend your time at the chocolate factory performing the final quality check and then hand-wrapping finished chocolate bars in gold foil. Other days, you might make boxes and pack them with ground chocolate destined for pastry chefs and ice cream makers around the country. Every task you tackle is done to the highest quality. You’ll be working with a team of very passionate chocolate makers in a dynamic and unique environment. While there are always unexpected surprises (a machine breaks, a shipment of sugar is delayed), everyone goes home knowing that today we did good work and our chocolate continues to get better and better.

Foiling chocolate bars and packing chocolate -- Check quality and foil bars according to the team’s best practices to help reach each month’s goals. Weigh and pack ground chocolate into bags and boxes. Use our internal lot tracking system to correctly label product.
Loading molds into tempering line -- Keep tempering line supplied with molds and tap off any extra chocolate flecks.
Other tasks/Cleaning and organizing -- Tidy and organize chocolate production area including cleaning chocolatey areas to ensure a safe, hazard-free workspace at all times. Wash dishes/tools using our industrial dishwasher.
Teamwork -- You have a positive attitude and people want to work with you again (and again and again.)
Self-starter -- Ask questions and comply with company policies and service procedures. You have excellent time management skills. You use your time efficiently and proactively ask for other tasks when you have unexpected downtime.
Safety-minded -- We work with heavy machinery each day and our team members depend upon each other to maintain strict safety standards.
Other tasks as necessary

Job Requirements

Availability -- Available for 4 hours shift from 8:30-5:00 from Monday-Friday (prefer 8:30am-12:30pm) from now until Dec 20th.
Kitchen or factory experience -- previous experience working in a kitchen is a huge plus, especially the habits of washing hands, labeling and dating finished products, and working thoughtfully around others.
Physical Strength -- Ability to perform tasks requiring bending, stooping, walking and standing throughout shift.

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Dandelion Chocolate constantly invests in its people and culture. We offer excellent perks including subsidized medical, vision, and dental benefits as well as the option to enroll in our 401k program plus paid vacation and sick team to our employees. Our team members enjoy commuter benefits, local gym discounts, and lots of chocolate and pastry tasting opportunities.


Available for 4 hours shift from 8:30-5:00 from Monday-Friday (prefer 8:30am-12:30pm) from now until Dec 20th

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