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Dare Fashion is a tech-forward, joy-based San Francisco-based fashion company. Although we make a full range of sizes, we specialize in plus-size women's clothing. All our fashion is designed and made in San Francisco and sold (wholesale and retail) through online channels. We are deeply committed to customer satisfaction and running a business that is simultaneously lean (efficient) and green (sustainable).

Job Categories

  • Hours: Part-time
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  • Industry: Apparel and Sewn Goods
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Job Duties

This role includes learning all facets of apparel production (design, production planning, sourcing, cutting/sewing oversight, finishing, and quality control), as well as order fulfillment, inventory management and shipping/receiving. The Production Assistant reports directly to the Production Manager.

• Preparing inventory to be shipped to fulfillment centers - includes quality control & processing at factory including lifting 30-50 lb boxes
• Order fulfillment - includes processing, filling and shipping orders at office
• Managing inventory at office/factory, involves lifting boxes and organizing shelves
• Basic office duties, including filing and data entry using MS Office, especially Word documents and Excel spreadsheets
• Processing returns

Eventual Responsibilities
• Planning and organizing apparel production
• Preparing cut tickets - includes cutting swatches, learning about sample making process, and up-scaling to production
• Sourcing and procurement of materials and notions for apparel production
• Managing/maintaining production samples, swatch library and yield/spec spreadsheets

Job Requirements

Essential Skills
• Ability to follow instructions and attention to detail
• Willingness to work in sewing factory, including lifting 30-50 lb boxes
• Accurate execution of repetitive tasks, while engaging in systems-level thinking.
• Basic computer skills, including MS Word, Excel, Gmail
• Good verbal and written communication skills, Chinese speaking a plus.
• General positivity and congeniality when presented with problems and challenges.
• Team spirit - we run our company as a team, with the explicit goal of improving the lives of everyone who interacts with it: suppliers, vendors, sub-contractors, employees, retailers, and customers alike.
• Social Media/Influencer/Marketing interest and experience a plus!

Skills/Experience Preferred

Social Media interest and experience a plus




Clipper Card


Around 10-20 hours per week to start

Resume Required


Cover letter Required


Other Application Requirements