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Fyrn is a small, but fast-growing company changing ideas about manufacturing and consumption. We are redefining sustainability by combining handcrafted quality with modern technology to produce furniture with the capacity to last forever. Leveraging a system of patented parts and manufacturing equipment designed and engineered in-house, Fyrn produces beautiful pieces for residential and commercial spaces. We operate with a relentless focus on unique products and exceptional customer experiences.

My name is Jefferson and I’m the outgoing Operations Manager at Fyrn. I’ll be showing you the ropes so that you can take over running the show here at our San Francisco factory.

You’re up for a challenge, and we’ve got your back. You’ll be supported by Leigh, our Fulfillment Specialist, Derek, who’s been at Fyrn from the start and knows everything, the founders Ros and Dave, and you’ll have my full support every day. Your crew (10) consists of a diverse group of hard working, positive, team players. They are kind of amazing really.

Job Categories

  • Hours: Full-time
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Job Duties

We’re looking for an ambitious candidate that likes the sound of a career fast-track-opportunity-of-a-lifetime. We’d like you to do this job for 6 months to a year before joining us at a gleaming new factory in a new city, that’s maybe 4X the size of this one. Really.

We’re going to move you to Reno in 2022. I’ll have been there for a while, getting the place set up for you and your new Reno team.

At the new factory, we’ll be expanding our product line. The possibilities are endless. We’ve already started the R&D.

This position is all about challenge, growth, opportunity and new experiences. Whaddya think?

Typical Day:
After a brief check in with most of the crew, you’ll want to huddle with Leigh to talk about priorities.

For most of the rest of the day (it’s gonna go by fast), your job is to keep an eye on the production floor and be available for questions and problem solving. You are the conductor of a 10 person orchestra. They play about 40 instruments each.

At the end of the day, one by one, the crew is checking off their last task on the marker board. They might report on how things went, or what didn’t get quite done which might impact your plan for tomorrow.

Job Requirements

- You’ve managed a team for a few years already.
- You’ve managed a team of 7-12. Maybe more.
- You’ve fixed missed punches, approved payroll, hired and fired.
- You’re known for being an effective leader, a creative problem solver, and you know how to get things done.
- A relocation to Reno in 2022, is not off the table.
- You are tech savvy and a strong communicator.

Skills/Experience Preferred

- Ideally, you’ve had some experience in a manufacturing/production environment.
- In a perfect world, you have some working knowledge of woodworking and or furniture, but a track record of being a great manager is way more important.






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