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Andytown Coffee Roasters

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Andytown Coffee Roasters was founded in 2014 by Michael McCrory and Lauren Crabbe to bring specialty coffee roasting to the Outer Sunset in San Francisco.

We wanted Andytown to feel like your grandmother's kitchen—clean, cozy, welcoming, and warm. When we started, we did all our roasting, baking, and customer service in our 600 square foot space.

As we grow, we are building a team of experienced coffee and pastry professionals who work hard and continuously challenge us to improve.

We believe in investing in our neighborhood, creating good jobs, and using our economic impact for good.

Andytown is built on a foundation of quality, approachability, and transparency. We are constantly working to improve ourselves, our product, and the world in which we live.

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  • Industry: Food and Beverage
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Job Duties

Job Description and Job Goals:

-The Retail Manager is responsible for overseeing four café spaces as well as and our secret office cafe located in downtown San Francisco
-Follow Andytown’s management philosophy of leading by example, promoting a welcoming, diverse workplace, and facilitating the growth of your staff.
-Responsible for the financial viability of 4 café locations- you will be primarily responsible for facilitating projects, delegating tasks to the team, and following through on project completion
-Ensuring the cafes are well staffed, especially during holidays, and weekends; the cafes operate within labor budget parameters, adjusting schedule along as sales increase or slow down, ensuring the cafes are operating efficiently, and communicating adjustments to staff in a timely manner.
-Responsible for providing cost analysis for any equipment needs, and only making purchases that are absolutely necessary
-Direct supervisor to Assistant Managers and Baristas; oversee the hiring, review process and life cycle of the employee, including discipline and termination- supporting them and helping them be successful in their roles., disciplining, and termination.
-You will work closely with the training department to facilitate employee training upon hiring. You will also work closely with the training department to relay new recipes, ratios, and make sure all staff are prepared and trained before new items are on the menu.
-Manage and support Assistant Managers, holding them to the highest standard, ensuring there are held accountable for customer service issues, making sure the cafes are fully stocked, and ensuring they are leading by example at all times. Also making sure the Assistant Managers hold their barista team accountable for tasks, and communicate issues in performance in a prompt manner.
-You are the most critical of customer service, drink quality, cleanliness, aesthetic, and company policies and hold your team accountable to these standards as well.
-Creating a café culture that celebrates the mentality of serving drinks we are super proud of
-Create a structure around checking in with the Assistant Managers and Management team so that you have enough time in your week to complete tasks.
-Responsible for ensuring that the cafe staff is following Health Code practices by ensuring the Assistant Managers are equipped to train the team to follow all practices.
-Communicating and facilitating equipment issues as they arise, and following up with your departments on project progress and completion.
-Prompt communication between employees, management team, vendors, and customers, on a daily basis- always following up with emails, slack messages, and texts within a 24 hour period.
-You will also work closely with the Brand & Graphic Designer, to communicate signage and marketing needs, new retail items, and POS updates.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:

1-2 years’ management experience is preferred
1-2 years' specialty coffee industry a plus!
Must be a confident problem solver, able to identify key issues and resolve in a timely manager.
Must be able to communicate clearly, both written and orally, to employees, members of HR and management team, and in large group meetings
Must be able to analyze and interpret information and present information in a skilled and professional manner
Must be able to prioritize tasks with a sense of urgency.
Must be comfortable handling confidential information; keeping personal employee information private and only shared with HR manager, management team, and Founders on a need to know basis.
Must be dependable, able to follow instructions, and respond to management feedback in a positive and professional manner and must be able to show immediate improvement.
Provide a safe workplace for all employees
Proficiency in google docs and scheduling platforms is a plus
Positive communication skills and ability to adapt challenges as they arise
Kind teacher, facilitator, effective communicator, and willing to always work on your communication skills; you like sharing knowledge and like learning, you are able to meet others where they are at.
Ability to do repetitive work including tamping espresso, bending, crouching, twisting
Must be able to lift 50lbs
Must be able to stand up to 8hrs a day
Complete harassment prevention training within 90-days of hire
Complete manager Servesafe Certification within 30-days of hire
Valid Driver's Licence and Personal Vehicle needed to travel between locations

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4 weeks PTO, health and dental insurance, and access to all the coffee you can drin



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