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Jenny Lemons is a small-batch clothing, workshops, and giftable goods company run by San Francisco-based artist Jennie Lennick. In January 2018, we opened our first brick and mortar location in the vibrant Mission District! Our space operates as a retail store, production headquarters, and a venue for workshops and other events. In the shop, we sell our in-house line, work from local artisans, crafts, and select art supplies.

We are currently looking for a Shop Assistant to join our team at Jenny Lemons on 24th Street! The Shop Associate is the face of Jenny Lemons. Our ideal candidate is energetic and customer-focused to ensure our shoppers are always satisfied and find what they are looking for. We want to create a welcoming and creative environment for our customers and our staff!

Customer-facing interactions are the critical component of this position; we are looking for someone who enjoys working in a sales environment, loves working with people, is a multitasker, and can care for the customer and the store needs.

We are a small operation, so this is an excellent opportunity for someone to participate in all facets of this exciting business.

Job Categories

  • Hours: Part-time
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Job Duties

Shop Assistant responsibilities include but are not limited to:
- Assisting customers
- Handling transactions,
- Cleaning, and tidying
- Merchandising products
- Packing online orders
- Packing and assembling workshop supply kits.

There are also lots of creative opportunities available to you.

Job Requirements

- Retail Experience
- Enthusiasm about our mission to support Bay Area artists!
- Multitasker
- Problem Solver
- Great communication skills
- Attention to detail

*We are looking for someone who has weekend availability.

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Other Application Requirements

Provide a resume and cover letter. Please include two references from former employers/managers(their full name, company name, and phone number).