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Shop Floor Manager/Project Manager

Company Overview

Pseudo studio

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We are a design build studio located in SOMA that has a variety of projects ranging from kitchen cabinets to art installations. We have a small footprint so we have to keep it organized. Pseudo-Studio has been around for over 10 years and we have a pretty wide range of work. We are currently expanding our footprint and looking for someone that can help us take it to the next level.

Job Categories

  • Hours: Full-time
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  • Industry: Advanced Manufacturing
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Job Duties

We are looking for someone able to take a project from drawings to finished item. They will need to manage work flow, manage our employees and set goals for them. They will need to make sure that the items leaving our shop are consistent and of quality. They will need to be able to manage multiple projects simultaneously and be able to keep everything moving along. They will need to order materials, keep on top of deliveries, and make sure above all the shop is clean and safe. The more organized the better, establishing clear goals and timelines is key to our business running smoother.

Job Requirements

-4 years Cabinet Building
-4 years Furniture Building
-Able to read architectural drawings
-Able to lift 50 lbs
-Able to operate a CNC router including programming cut files (we use AutoCAD, Sketchup, Mozaik, and V-carve)
-Able to work with sub contractors
-Familiar with basic metal fabrication
-Familiar with finishing techniques
-Good with clients and managing expectations
-Able to deal with managing employees
-Clean Drivers license
-Experience in bidding and pricing
-Making sure safe shop practices are adhered to

Skills/Experience Preferred

Our ideal hire would know how to use Auto-cad, Sketch-up, Moazaik, Adobe acrobat, and Excell . Proficiency in all not needed but you need to be able to navigate them. You need to know how to run a cnc router, make sure it is lubricated and running correctly. No need to service but you should know if its not running correctly. You need to know how to build cabinets. Currently about 60% of our work is cabinetry. You need to be able to build and assemble in our space the entire job to make sure that it is ready for install. You also need to make sure that finishes are up to specifications and correct. We need some organization on the shop floor, so someone able to break down multiple projects and set our employees up with work for the day and keep ahead of them is key. If you know how to operate a forklift that would be great as well. You must be familiar with all the tools a normal cabinet shop would have. Education or knowledge of some design would be a bonus if you have a history in architecture or interiors. You also need to set up and run gantt charts or calendars to make sure our projects are on schedule.


Pay would be from $25-35 an hour starting depending on skills. We would increase your pay quickly if you are able to get production up. Performance bonuses as well


Additional pay for commuting, parking, and medical could be considered after a trial period. We are working on setting up a 401k for our employees currently as well


8-4 Monday through Friday. We pay overtime, we also on occasion have deadlines that will require weekend work. The goal is to not have weekend work, but it happens.

Resume Required


Cover letter Required


Other Application Requirements

You need to be willing to crank down and really focus on getting Pseudo-Studio running smoothly. You need to have ideas on how to run stuff or change things that will make it more efficient and productive. You also must be willing to take ownership of a project and help others in the shop do the same. We want to grow and we want to reward our employees as we grow.