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Software Developer & Dev/Ops Engineer

Company Overview


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Founded in 2011, AethLabs (rhymes with “math labs”) is a close-knit company of 7 full-time employees that manufactures air quality monitoring instrumentation. Our instruments support scientific research, governmental decision making, and industry-wide efforts related to improving public health and climate by providing users with a better understanding of health- and climate-relevant air quality -- locally and world-wide. We are proud to work with partners like the US EPA, NASA, and academic researchers around the world at the forefront of pollution measurement in a time when climate change threatens to increase wildfires and related pollution events in California and abroad (this is not an endorsement by our partners).

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, women, gender non-conforming people, persons with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ people, veterans, and adults of all ages are strongly encouraged to apply. In accordance with the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records for employment.

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  • Industry: Advanced Manufacturing
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Job Duties

Position Summary:

The Software Developer & Dev/Ops Engineer position is new at AethLabs. The engineer that fills this collaborative role will join our Lead Developer – who currently builds and maintains our APIs, backend services, and dev/ops infrastructure – in development activities that will support our customer-facing and internal hardware and desktop / web-based software platforms. Our technology stack on the backend utilizes a handful of AWS-based services including Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, IoT Core, SQS, API Gateway, and Cognito with Lambdas utilizing a Node.js runtime and deployed as Serverless microservices via Seed.run and Github. Our front end and primary consumer of the APIs is built with React/Next.js. Other dev/ops infrastructure relevant to this position include an Electron-based application with a Javascript/Python hybrid
backend and several emerging network-enabled hardware platforms that interact directly with our APIs and backend systems. A candidate for this role should be experienced in Javascript and Node.js.

AethLabs is looking to expand our capacity to solidify and further develop our platform for management of air pollution data, devices, for many different applications. A successful candidate for this position will be highly-organized with a keen sense of detail and the ability to think broadly about how those details fit into the broader scheme of our work. We are a well-integrated team of high-achievers and self-drivers, and this position requires a candidate with a strong sense of responsibility and self-motivation. In addition, a successful candidate will be a skilled communicator and a willing and effective documenter of design and engineering justifications, decisions, systems specifications, and code.

In-office or remote work are viable options. All are expected to carefully observe COVID-19 safety guidelines both in and out of the office, including the extended use of face coverings while in the office. The office is located on the second floor of a shared office building and is currently only accessible by climbing a flight of stairs - however - we will be moving to a building with stair-free office access within the next few months.

Essential job functions:

API and back-end services development - 60%
● Research and stay on top of industry best practices and solutions
● Independent planning and design of services regularly interspersed with other responsibilities
● Executing design decisions for back-end services that meet collectively-determined needs
● Testing, troubleshooting, and debugging solutions
● Maintaining and refactoring code
● Manage deployment to development/staging/production environments

Designing and documenting solutions for our company and customer needs - 20%
● Collaboratively assess infrastructure needs based on product and customer objectives
● Deliberate and weigh positives / negatives / constructive criticism of various solutions to engineering challenges
● Clearly document decisions, approaches, rationale for other team members and future self / team members

Team communications and meetings - 10%
● Weekly full-team check-in meetings (0.5 hrs/wk)
● Regular software/services meetings on an as-needed basis
● Availability via online services (Basecamp, video conferencing, etc.) to check in on various topics
● Likely only very occasional interactions with customers, but some interaction with contractors and development partners

Monitoring infrastructure - 10%
● Integrate and deploy 3rd party and any required custom monitoring services for uptime and service reliability
● System performance monitoring
● Test automation (experience preferred )
● Keep an eye on anomalies and any worrisome signs on services

Job Requirements

Qualifications & Experience

Knowledge & Skills:
● Detail-oriented and organized
● Self-motivated and responsible
● Strong writing skills
● Strong communicator and team-player
● Ability to multi-task and keep a schedule to meet deadlines
● Problem solving and coordination skills

Education & Experience:
● No minimum education credentials
● 3-5+ years of development experience in a team environment
● Building microservices and APIs
● Working with AWS products - specifically those mentioned above
● Writing Javascript / Node.js
● Working with and integrating various performance-evaluation and debugging services into AWS
● Building unit and integration tests to enhance service reliability

Skills/Experience Preferred


$75k - $125k, DOE


We offer lots of opportunity for job growth, a competitive salary, and the following benefits:
  • -Full medical as well as dental insurance, eligible first6 hours)
  • -Sick leave hours accrued: 56 hours earned throughout the yof the month after three months of employment
  • -9 paid holiday days throughout the year (fixed company schedule)
  • -Vacation hours accrued: 120 hours earned throughout the year in bi-monthly payment periods at a rate of 5 hours per pay period (maximum balance of 9ear in bi-monthly payment periods at a rate of 2.33 hours per pay period (maximum balance of 48 hours)
  • -At company’s discretion, a 10 day paid winter holiday (administered annually on a fixed company schedule and applicable to all employees)
  • -401k Plan, eligible first of the month after six months of employment, with non-elective contribution by AethLabs of 3% of compensation (these funds are contributed by the company regardless of whether employee makes contributions), and discretionary end of year additional 401k bonus contributions (determined on an annual basis). 401k Administration and record keeping costs are paid by the Company. Individual investment fund fees are paid by the participant.
  • -Discretionary variable end of the year bonus (determined on an annual basis), eligible after the first full year of employment
  • -Charitable contribution match up to $200 per year
  • -Commuter Check program (https://commuterbenefits.com/how-it-works/)
  • -An equitable work environment based on open communication and participatory decision making
  • -A company commitment to address systemic inequality
  • -Moving to a newly built 3300 sq ft facility in the Mission District


Full Time

Resume Required


Cover letter Required


Other Application Requirements