Temporary Bottling Line Worker

Company Overview

Raff Distillerie

Raff Distillerie Website
Raff Distillerie is a Craft Distillery in San Francisco’s Bayview district. We have been around since 2011 and make some amazing products. We now have a tasting room and tours.

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  • Industry: Food and Beverage
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  • Position is Temporary/Seasonal
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Job Duties

We are looking for 5 people to work an automated bottling line in San Francisco.

There will be 5 stations. One person for unloading of bottles onto bottling line, one person to load corks into corker, one person to remove bottles from at the end of the bottling line and put on a shrink cap, and two people to put shrink the cap, put on hang tags and box the product.

Workers will need to be on their feet their entire shift and be quick on their feet. The bottling line moves pretty quick and spits out bottles fast.

Job Requirements

- 21 years of age or older
- Able to work quickly
- Able to work on their feet for 8 hours
- Able to lift 50 lbs
- Able to understand directions quickly
- English proficiency
- no bottling or distillery experience necessary

Skills/Experience Preferred





Full time from March 18th - 22nd

Resume Required


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