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Good design, doing good.

What's our story? We thoughtfully design & craft clever objects, empower formerly incarcerated folks with opportunities & reincarnate construction debris. When you get a Formr object, you become part of the story.

We create clever designs, with a purpose: Objects. With Conviction.

Our designs are thoughtfully created with great attention to detail and craftsmanship. We aim to redefine the functionality and form of an object so the concepts that evolve into objects typically result as clever solutions. Sometimes the designs are clean and geometric and sometimes more like "choreographed randomness". But the mission goes deeper than the design.

We believe that a brand is stronger and all around better when it stands behind a cause (or two). That’s why we focus on two very important causes that are in dire need of support: recidivism and construction waste.

We know that people released from incarceration need opportunities. Many companies choose not to hire formerly incarcerated individuals, but we believe in giving people hope for a successful fresh start and a second chance.

"The good" doesn't stop there. Over 500 million tons of construction debris is generated in the US annually. If we can divert even a small percentage of waste from going into overflowing landfills, and use it to make "cool stuff", why not? We create relationships with contractors to get access to job sites. Then we sort through the debris and bring back the best materials to our shop. After removing nails and other hardware, we clean the material and begin fabrication. It's quite a process.

In accordance with the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records for employment.

Job Categories

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Job Duties

The duties mostly include woodworking, but because we are a very lean startup, everyone wears many hats. With the entry level position, you would start off with the the first phase of cleaning the wood and sanding the wood, but training to use the other equipment is part of the goal as well.

Step 1: The woodworking process begins with cleaning the wood of screws, nails and other debris.
Step 2: Once the wood is cleaned, the fabrication begins. The typical equipment used in the fabrication process is: table saw, band saw, router, jointer, sander, drill press etc.
Step 3: Once the piece is fabricated, the finishing process begins, which includes charing/painting/staining the wood.
Step 4: Once the piece is finished, it gets packaged and shipped.

The goal is to be able to perform every phase of the process.

Job Requirements

Skills/Experience Preferred

Ideally, the applicant has experience with the equipment and can jump in and feel comfortable. However, if there are limited skills, we can begin with the entry level position as well.

If the applicant were comfortable and experienced with the shop equipment that would be a bonus.


$18-24/hour, DOE



Minimum hours: 25 hours (M-F). Depending on the skillset or workflow, up to 40 hours is an option (M-F). The position would transition would be full time. Eligible for overtime.

Resume Required


Cover letter Required


Other Application Requirements