Inspired by French Art de Vivre, Aplat Culinary Totes are deeply rooted in a culture of friendship, where socializing is more than a verb, its a life philosophy. And where generosity is a daily ritual. Àplat reminds us to find joy and pleasure in making the everyday beautiful. Aplat is a soft goods company designing products that are simple, beautifully crafted and easy to carry. Founder Shujan Bertrand created the company in homage to her family lifestyle in France, which involves rituals of sharing locally farmed food, wine, and gifts. Aplat is the first to market culinary tote collection that people love for its innovative design, practicality and sustainability. Zero Waste Designed and Manufactured in San Francisco with 100% organic cotton, including hand-picked raw denim surplus from local cut/sew factories. Made in small-batches, àplat totes are engineered to have zero waste in material and production. Aplat totes are Reusable and washable making them extra eco friendly.

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