Fyrn is a San Francisco company that believes in creating connections between people, places, and materials. With an obsession for perfection and a lot of love, we promise to continue the tradition of craft by making high-end objects more accessible and useful for people’s everyday life.The company’s award winning Stemn Series is the foundation for a broader furniture system that aims to change the way people relate to and value the objects they choose for their homes, inspiring a move away from disposable culture.

Marrying old world craftsmanship with an industrial edge in its Mission district workshop, Fyrn leverages a family history of craftsmanship, proprietary hardware, and unique machines for manufacturing designed and built in-house. The secret to the Stemn system is courtesy of the sculptural Stemn bracket (patented and made by Fyrn). Sturdy, replaceable, and uncomplicated, it is a truly beautiful piece of exposed hardware that enables Fyrn to build strong, high-end furniture that can ship flat and assemble at home without sacrificing an iota of grace or durability. All chairs and stools are available with and without backs and are customizable by wood finish, bracket color and upholstery making them versatile enough to fit a multitude of design environments.



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