Distrupt Modern


I’m Perrin Lam, an SF Bay Area designer at http://www.disruptmodern.com. Back in 2014, I was looking to leverage my love of today's design with my love for contemporary fashion. Jewelry seemed like the best way to express my love for Modern. But I wasn't interested in the usual Modernism, I wanted to reach beyond that to a Modernism beyond Minimalism. What does that mean exactly? Unlike cast jewelry made with solid gold and silver, which by necessity has to be Minimalist to keep the price from skyrocketing, my designs use thin, lightweight steel that I either electropolish or plate in gold. Because my metal strategy keeps costs way down, I’m able to do designs nine out of ten jewelers can’t afford to attempt. In other words, I get to explore and succeed with a far more interesting Modernism universe tthan the usual ABC’s of circle/square/triangle geometrics. Wholesale boutique and museum store inquiries welcome. Please contact me at 415-533-7373.

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Distrupt Modern


2519 31st Avenue

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