TOKYObay is a 25 year old independent watch and accessory brand born out of a collaboration between two talented designers from two very different backgrounds. Dory Isaacs, from the South Coast of England living in the San Francisco Bay Area and Jun Kobayashi, from Tokyo, came together as two friends with a vision. They created an East meets West inspired line of bold & accessible watches and accessories. Dory’s background in fashion design and illustration combined with Jun’s Japanese aesthetics, provides a unique fusion of detail oriented design and fashion-focused sensibilities. TOKYObay produces high quality, accessible watches and accessories that use innovative materials & color combinations. Materials currently appearing in the line range from layered tortoise shell acetate cases to hand woven Japanese silk cords being re interpreted as graphic strap options. Classic, casual and unpretentious, TOKYObay brings time into accessorizing for the everyday.

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745 Bryant Street

San Francisco, California 94107