Tura Sugden


A collection of essentials and heirlooms, romance and luxury. Built by hand and born of tradition, thoughtfully produced using recycled high karat gold and natural, ethical diamonds.

Every element of every piece is made by hand in our San Francisco atelier, from initial sketch to final polishing and everything in between. Using generations-old hand building techniques, each setting is crafted in solid gold. Rolled, pulled, extruded, sawn, filed, sanded, soldered, and cut until each stone has a protective space. Redefining classic silhouettes with signature settings and uniquely curated gemstones.

The studio produces only one-of-a-kind and small-production collections, with an emphasis on sustainable and responsible practices.

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Tura Sugden

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(415) 265-9869

438 Day Street

San Francisco, California 94131