White Dune Studio


White Dune Studio is a creative jewelry brand that combines intricate shapes and beautiful wooden textures, perfect for the goddess inside you! All pieces are drawn, designed and created by me, in my studio in San Francisco. I’m a huge fan of larger than life jewelry, but for earrings, I’ve always had a problem. If they were big they were too heavy – and usually expensive as well. Then I discovered laser cutting and my aha-moment was born. I started designing earrings for myself and after tons of compliments on my creations, I decided to take them to craft fairs. That’s when I knew that you all agree with me – we love earrings with personality but without the weight! ‘Doing well while also doing good’ is something else that’s very close to my heart and another reason why I founded White Dune Studio. I want to show young women in my community that they too can turn their passions into a business – even if it’s a small one. I started out locally just going to block parties and craft fairs. Although starting a business can feel daunting it teaches fantastic life skills (budgeting, anyone? Haha!) And hey, taking something you already love to the next level is both super fun and rewarding. Also, I don’t want women just starting their careers to be put off by technology, heavy machinery or CNC software. If I can do it, so can anyone. Surprisingly, this form of tech opens doors to so much creativity – like lovely jewelry! I also think that encouraging the ‘maker movement’ in any way possible is a huge positive. It even makes my generation put down their phones for a few minutes and get their hands dirty – learn problem-solving, play with imagination, and in the end have something really cool to show for it.