Empowering manufacturers. Creating jobs. Transforming our city.

SFMade Week features seven days of education, exploration, and innovation, designed to celebrate and heighten local awareness and understanding of the local manufacturing sector and the companies and people who bring locally made products to fruition.

How to Get Involved:
There will be four types of events happening during SFMade Week:
Factory Tours/Open Studios- Public is invited to the factory to see production process, meet workers/owner, and do tastings if appropriate.

Workshops/Classes- Public is invited to learn a specific skill or trade taught by member business.

Sales- A member has a sale and an event to celebrate it.

Pop-Up Shop- A member hosts a special “pop-up shop” with other SFMade member products

All Factory Tours will be offered by members for free. If a member feels the need to charge for a class or workshop (in which you are using materials that will incur costs to you), you can do that. However, we will be advertising the week as offering mostly free events, so please consider if you want your event to stand out as a paid event. Sales events and pop-up shops should obviously not charge for entrance.

Makerhoods: We would ideally like to draw attention to neighborhoods in the city where clusters of SFMade members are, these will be called Makerhoods! In order for a neighborhood to be considered a Makerhood, there needs to be a significant number of events happening in that neighborhood during SFMade Week. Ideally, we would like to have a number of neighborhood events happening on the same day, so that visitors can enjoy multiple events at once. We will be contacting member volunteers in each neighborhood who will serve as a coordinator lead, BUT you can make it easier by studying the google doc to see if other members in your neighborhood have listed dates they are willing to do events—and then schedule yours accordingly.

Here is information about sponsoring SFMade week, we hope that you will consider supporting us through sponsorship and by attending our annual evening fundraiser, Ramp It Up! This year, we have reduced ticket prices for Ramp It Up! from $45 to $25 with the goal of getting close to 100% of our members to attend. All proceeds go to our programs that help manufacturers start, grow, and stay in San Francisco. 7×7 is our media sponsor and will be providing publicity for the event— in order to be included as a sponsor in the magazine we will need confirmation by March 21st.

Please fill out this google doc with your event details by Monday, March 17th. Our SFMade Week website will launch March 10th, so the sooner you plan your event, the longer we have to promote it. Once we have your information, we will contact you to confirm your event. We will then promote it on the SFMade Week site.

For questions email [email protected].